Monday, April 27, 2020

Music Monday

Hey pals!

We hope y'all are doing ok. Da three of us are!

Finley thinks she can run around the yard again. Ya can't keep a good terrier down.

We thought we'd show off another one of da new dresses we got for our birthdays.  

This one has a retro sweet shop theme! 

It's da perfect dress for Brinley since she has a major league sweet tooth. Seriously, she'll try to steal candy!

A close up . . .

See, it are a sweet dress! And now for da MUSIC. Well, da theme this week are Angels. Yeah, not exactly my momma's for-tay, BOL, but we'll try.


Momma luvs this song. And Dolly Parton.

I guess angels (like everyone else) don't have anywhere else to look right now.


Even Green Day has a song with Angel in the title!

Willie Nelson and Ray Charles. Ya can't go wrong there.

And this one is by Lindi Ortega - momma LUVS her. So whether you're angelic (like me 😉) or more like momma, hope ya liked da tunes. 


  1. ooooh willie and da 7 angels from spain... that is such a touching song, thanks for bringing that muzak gem back!!!

  2. "You can't keep a good terrier down". So true.
    We always look forward to your Music Monday selections, and Gail gets to discover some new singers. But today we loved the oldies best - as you say, you can't go wrong with Willie Nelson and Ray Charles. And Gail says thank heavens you didn't include 'Angels' by Robbie Williams, a incredibly (and to her unaccountably) popular song in the UK!
    Toodle pip!

    1. Yeah, momma knows of a few other "angel" songs, but she tried to stick wif ones she liked. Nuffin too sappy.

  3. Y'all picked one of my songs 'Mountain Angel'. Usually I try to go with songs that others might not think of but three of my were repeats on the dance floor. That's alright because it's seeing who else has a great mind. ;) Stay well, little furriends and have a boogietastic week!

  4. You all are so cute in those new dresses. Thanks for sharing all those songs with us too.

  5. Thanks for the concert! You might want to add this to you play list:

    It's an older Rickie Lee Jones song Beat Angels

  6. You always are so angelic, girls...well most of the time...just like us, right?? BOL!

    Those are cute dresses!

  7. Oh, yes, we sure did like your tunes, all of them and your dresses too...and together with all your pictures, it all looked purrfect 😸Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞

  8. WOW - Seven Spanish Angels was new to me and what a duo - Incredible. Also so enjoyed the singing of Lindi Ortega - such an upbeat song and - of course, Green Day (how could I not like a Green Day song?) Thank you for this set!

  9. The dress is beyond fab! :) And I love your song choices, too! Hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy! :)


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