Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Happy Birthday Travis!

Well, today are my kitty brofur Travis' birthday. Sucks dat he and Bowie are still sick. But I think he liked his catnip toys. And I know he liked his bacon he got this morinng!

And I definitely liked it!

Finley's still improving - her leg infection are getting better and her hip are still in place. She's kinda stuck in da play pen or in one of da momma's laps since she are not allowed to walk too much for a while. We wanna sniff her, it are hard to be told no all da time. Guess we're about as good at social distancing as da mommas. 

I hope we get somefin tasty tonite for Travis' birthday. He's getting chikken guts - I think we deserve somefin good too!


  1. Happy birthday Travis. I hope everyone is healthy at your home.

  2. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BURTHDAY TRAVIS!!! I am glads you gots some tasty bacons this morning, and I hopes you gets to feelin' betters, as too all the kittehs. Finley, that is FABulous news that your infection is getting betters! Keeps gettin' well, and I'll send some margaritas...
    Ruby ♥

  3. Happy Birthday woofs and licks to your brofur, Travis!
    Sure hope he and Bowie start to get better really soon.

    Good to hear that Finley is doing good, too:)

    And you two will ]just have to be good snoopervisors and not sniffers, BOL!

    Have a good and yummy supper!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday dear Travis!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Travis and we hope he feels better soon.


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