Saturday, April 25, 2020

Happy Birthday Brinley!!

Today it are my BFF Brinley's birthday!

Happy birthday cuz!

You're rocking that birthday hat!

Now we are both 4! 

Finley wuz glad it wuz her bithday too. 

Cuz birthdays mean tasty noms for all!

Bacon and eggs and cheese!


My momma grabbed Brinley for a birthday selfie too. 

This afternoon we got to go out and patrol the backyard. And bark my momma while she swims.  

Then we got to go on a walk!

We tried to invite Mister Bunny to come over for birthday dinner, but he said he wuz socially distancing. 

Oh well. Da birthday girl found some good stuff to sniff.

Then we got to walk in the park!

While momma wuz taking pictures of Brinley, I decided to lie down. 

It's not LAZY, it's smart.

Brinley always stands like this, she looks ready for the show ring!

We had lotsa fun sniffing together.

Then when we got home, Brinley got to open her presents.

She wuz one happy birthday girl!

She got two new stuffies.

Hmmm, those stuffies look familiar. Good thing I know mine are in my room! 

And she got 4 dresses! 

Or are it 8???

Then it wuz time for STEAK for dinner!


We also had cuppycakes for dessert.

Happy birthday Brinley!


  1. Brinley happy happy happy 4th to you sweet friend. OMDs did you strike gold when you adopted your moms...they know how to have pawty
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Happy Birthday Brinley! Can't believe you're 4 already. We remember when you (and Kinley) were just joining your families. Looks like you had fabulous foodables!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Brinley! It looks like you had a perfect day. We love the picture of you two walking side by side and in step with each other.

    1. We always walk like that. Right next to each other.

  4. Whatever will you girls do with the birthdays done for the year?

    1. We don't gotta worry yet since Finley's are next month.

  5. Happy Birthday Brinley. We wish the bunnies here would social distance.

  6. Happy birthday sweetie. We love your smile. You looks so happy.

  7. What a pawsome day!! Happy belated Birthday Brinley!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Brinley!
    I rthought I already commented here? Hmmm...

    1. Maybe you commented on Brinley's post - she actually posted!


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