Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Hi pals!

Well, it has been a busy weekend for us. 

Dey is doing massive road construckshun on our street so there has been a LOT to bark lately.

I mean, what kinda weird zombies dig up streets?? We don't really know, but we do know they need barking!  

And then there are da yard signs. I tend to growl a certain candidate's yard signs. Momma says I'm a smart dog, BOL.

AND it are skwerril season, so there are tons of those nasty tree rats to bark.

It are a busy time to be a westie.

But we still managed to take some Sunday selfies before da football game.

Oh yeah, we had to bark that too.

A terrier's job are never done!


  1. Has wes told yous lately what a cutie pie yous is?
    Well, Yous a cutie pie!
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie

  2. OMD, I do too! BOL! Oh, I saw your Cowboys win that nail biter!! OMD, I bets your MOms was yellin' up a storm! Ma's Niners won too, butts with all the injuries, I don't thinks we have anyone left to play! sigh. Maybe I'll have to root for your Cowboys, since I saw Mr. Jerry wearing a mask ☺
    Ruby ♥

  3. well done!! we had such workers here too... they placed da signs on monday and removed them on wednesday without being there... probably home office time there too?

  4. Hi gals!! Loved seeing your smiles and grins:)

    We had telephone/gas line construction holes being dug here, on the roadside and IN our yard too. Now that was for sure a barking job for us...but we got locked up when they had to dig in the yard...we went out there and sniffed it good, growled and barked,and Benji dug up some more, BOL!

    1. Our whole curb is still missing - it's a mess out there.

  5. You guys have a most excellent neighborhood watch program. Nothing gets past you all!

  6. You all look great today. Your family is lucky to have you around to let them know when zombies are around. BOL!

  7. That is a busy weekend. And you got to cheer when none of the Falcons could fall on a ball.

  8. You need to growl at all political signs. They all pick your pocket.

  9. I'm glad you ladies had lots of good stuff to bark at! What fun!


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