Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Doggies Do Debates!

So for some reason, da mommas decided to watch da presuhdenshul debate tonite.

What can ya say, guess watching a train wreck are fun sometimes.

I think watching da kitchen are a much better idea.

After all, dat are where da cookies are!

But I think da mommas said somefin about needin da licker cabinet after dat.

Lick her? We're just da pooches for that!


  1. hahaha.... we are with you... watchin da kitchen is much better..

    1. Yeah, I like what comes outta there a lot better.

  2. If doggies did debates they would be of a higher standard than last night's...

  3. Our Mom won't have anything to do with the debates but we still got to have our evening snack which was bully sticks last night.

  4. My peeps watched it, but I just slept through it

  5. The loser of the debate was.....
    wait for it........
    .....the moderator.

  6. We can understand why your pawrents would need to raid the licker cabinet after that debate. Our mom just waited to hear what Steven Colbert had to say about it.

  7. I thinks I'm with Millie and Walter on this one! BOL!
    Ma knows betters than to watch, cause it'll just gets her BP sky high!
    I vote kitchen cabinets! and bacon.....
    Ruby ♥

  8. If you dogs had watched the debate you would be hitting the liquor cabinet too.

  9. Our man watched it the next day. Lady says as Canadians we could avoid this stuff. Maybe he likes train wrecks.


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