Saturday, September 12, 2020

Whitley's Birthday

Well, yesterday wuz a sad day for da whole country. Today are a sad day for my momma. It are Angel Whitley's birthday.

I never knew Whitley. But Finley tells me and Brinley she wuz a really cool pup. And yeah, she even confirmed dat CRAY CRAY stuff my momma says about Whitley liking baffs. Uhh, are ya shure she wuz a terrieriest? Well, she did have multiple skwerril and rat kills. Ok, she sounds like a real terrier. Anyways, my momma has been sad missing Whitley today. Whitley went all over da country wif her.

Me and Brinley had to work extra hard to cheer her up. Westie kisses help a lot.

Whitley wuz da original westie for our family and none of us would be hear wifout her. So I'm sharing my momma's drawing of her today.

I never knew ya Whitley, but thanks for turning the whole family into westie fans. And fanks for all da toys and dresses and da momma I got to inherit. Even if she does have unrealistic expectayshuns of westies at baff time.  


  1. Aww... Angel Whitley was so sweet and lovely.

    Sending purrs and hugs to your mom as she remembers her xx

  2. We remember Angel Whitley fondly. Our paws are crossed and we are sending comforting hugs to you mom.

  3. We too remember Whitley, and yes she was one cool pup. And we love your momma's drawing.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (and Gail).

  4. Your momma shouldn't be sad. Dogs have a shorter life span. As we feel about Kyla, it was better knowing her than not knowing her. If you want something that won't die on you, get a parrot. SQUAAAAAAAWK

    1. Yup, better to have luved and lost than never luved and all dat.

  5. We remember dear Whitley. May your momma find peace in joy in her memories.

  6. Whitley introduced us to your wonderful family and he will always be in our hearts.

  7. Petcretary is glad she got to meet Whitley so long ago way back in Dogster of our first pals!!

    Hugs to all the furmily on this day of remembering sweet Whitley ♥

  8. You are good pups to help cheer her up, we're sending hugs her way.

  9. whitley waz total lee awesum; & we just noe ther waz one total lee rockin awesum partee for her in heaven ..... happee bee lated birthday two ewe whitley; pleez ta tell everee one we said BARK ♥♥♥♥♥


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