Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Happy Texas Independence Day!

It are Texas Independence Day! And I had fun celebrating - I got to go on a bike ride and a walk today!

And I got to photobomb Brinley (do ya see da extra set of ears she has??)

Texas are 185 today - that's even older than Finley!

And since I'm wearing my Texas dress, I deserve some BBQ chikken tonite, right momma??


  1. Hooray for a great day! Great in time and history, and great in the weather, too!! We had nice sunny weather, but it wasn't very warm...and it was still being a March Lion with a lot of wind.

    Enjoy the BBQ, Mmmm!

  2. I hope your next Independence Day isn't as a country. That won't work out well for the great state of Texas.

  3. happy birthday TX... we love ya!!!!

  4. Texas is all about BBQ! You should have BBQ meat for your meal every night!

  5. Happy Birthday to Texas. We hope you got some of that chicken.

  6. Yee-haw! Momma actually got yesterday off work to celebrate our independence. It was grreat spending more time with her.

    1. Momma remembers when she worked for the state and got some extra holidays off . . .

  7. Hey, BBQ chicken is bird and that's a no-no.


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