Saturday, March 6, 2021

Zombie Patrol

Hi y'all!


Well, we has been busy da last couple days.

Sheriff Finley has charged us wif defending da house from da zombie hoard.

And it are an endless job. I mean dere's zombies who just walk around in circles OVER and OVER again. Momma says da guy are probably just a FitBit addict - but why are he circling my house???

Cuz he are a zombie.

There's even some baby zombies on our block. Don't worry, we bark zombies that ride in strollers too. After all, strollers are for pups, not baby zombies. 

Some of these zombies even try to trick me by saying how cute I are. 

Compliments won't get ya anywhere zombies. We know what ya are.

And we is ready to bark ya good!


Leave me a woof, I'll bark right back atcha!