Monday, March 1, 2021

Like a Lion?


So Travis has been going on bout March being like a lion or somefin. Yeah, da lil dude thinks he are da King of da Jungle or something. So I figured we'd wear our lion dresses to make him happy.  

But if March are sposed to be like a lion - maybe we should be like lions. Only we don't know what lions do. Our kitties who think they're lions sleep most da day, do random zoomies, and get to eat four or five times a day. As opposed to ours ONLY twice!

Sounds good to us! Maybe we'll be lions for a while too.


  1. With your lioness dresses you can ROAR!

    Are their lambs on the reverse??

    Its been a roaringly windy day here on the first, so yes, it did blow in like a roaring lion! BOL!

  2. to be lions is a good plan and your dresses are pawfect for that... will your roar today like a lion?

  3. We will leave the lion thing up to the felines at our house. Cute dresses you have, though.

  4. You girls are so cute in your lion dresses. Why do the kitties get to eat so many times a day? That isn't fair!

  5. Replies
    1. I wonder if our cats are lions. They shure lie on everything.


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