Saturday, May 15, 2021

Feel Better Soon Travis!


Well, we has been enjoying our few days of NOT rain.

Which means WALKS!

And not getting soaked when ya go outside.

Yeah, it are somefin to smile about!

My kitty brofur Travis has been sick this week.

At least he has a time of westie nurses to help him feel better. 

Anyways, we are hopin he feels all better soon.

Becuz all the uneaten cat food are VERY tempting.

So feel better soon Travis! Maybe when you do, we'll have bacon to celebrate.


  1. Oh dear, we hope Travis recovers his appetite and feels better soon, and you won't have to endure the temptation of his kitty food.

  2. Can you make sure the rains come here for a bit?? We need a lot more than we've been having...

    And we'll send our best POTP and get well wishes for Travis.

  3. You girls are looking great today. We have our paws crossed that Travis feels better soon.

  4. You three take care of that cat.

  5. We hope ypur kitty cat brother feels better soon. Oh, and Flossie says hi!


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