Saturday, May 22, 2021

Happy Birthday Finley!


Today Finley are 15!

So I guess dis makes it her quinceañera!

Good thing we were here to help her wif da fiesta!

She started da day by getting her birthday presents. She got two cuddly toys to snuggle wif - a rainbow Lamb Chop and a purple puppy - it even smells like lavender!

And my momma made her a new blankey and a bandana.

She even decided to model da new bandana.

Then we all had a birthday brunch - cheesy bacon omelettes! YUM!

Then Finley took a nice long nap wif her new toys and blanket. Hey, when ya is 15 and it are raining, an all day nap sounds pretty good I guess.

And we got STEAK for dinner! And ice cream for dessert!

Happy birthday Finley!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Finley! It looks like you sure had a great celebration and got some nice pressies.

  2. Good food beats clothes as a birthday gift.

  3. Happy birthday Finley! Hooray!

  4. Happy Barkday Finley ! Looks like you had an awesome day !

  5. Happy birthday Finley. What an awesome day you had. You keep getting better with age.

  6. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BURTHDAY FINLEY!!!!! Looks like you had a FABulous day my furiend!!!!! Hey....gots any of that steak left overs???? trade you for a margarita! 🥩🍹🥳
    Ruby ♥

  7. Belated Happy Birthday Finley! Fifteen is a magnificent age for a magnificent Westie to have reached.

  8. Oh, so sorry we are late to the pawrty! What a great day that was!! Happy Belated Birthday, Finley!!
    We can't imagine it, but petcretary has known you since 2009...that is most of your life!! Wowee!

    We need to beg for some steak when we have our birthdays...


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