Friday, May 28, 2021

OMD, Momma's Back!


So something VERY weird happened this week!

My momma left me for DAYS!

And so did Brinley's!

And they took Finley wif em! And not us!!

Yup, that's right you lil whippersnappers. Hey everyone, it's Finley here, and unlike The Fluffy and Clueless (I think Kinley might have fluff where her brain should be), I know what is going on. I always know what's going on, it's part of my job as Sheriff Finley. 

Well, I have been asking the mommas for a road trip for a long time. And I guess they finally listened and decided to give me a road trip for my 15th birthday. Well, ok, it was a couple days late, but I know it was a trip for my birthday. 

I'm not sure why they decided I should go to Lubbock of all places, but they did. And I'm not sure why they kept talking about apartments and houses when the road trip was all about me. But I made sure to get them to focus on me by yipping as high-pitched as I could while I was sitting in the backseat for no apparent reason. It really helped them focus on ME, especially when it was raining.

Ok, I'll let you in on a secret. But it's only because I trust you. There was a major security problem at the hotel in Lubbock and the hotel people specifically requested the smartest, most ferocious westie in Texas to come check it out and intimidate everyone by staying there for a few days and marking territory. So it was really a business trip, but we can't be letting just anyone know that. It's just all in a day's work for me.

Uhhh, me and Brinley aren't really buying Finley's story.  

Momma said it had to do wif finding an apartment and that me and her and Travis are gonna be moving. And that I'm gonna hafta be a big brave girl. WHAT?? 


  1. Hari OM
    OMD..... a move of home? That is BIG news... no wonder Finley was keeping it under her furs. Oh my.... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx


  2. One of my peeps graduated from Texas Tech.

  3. It sounds like Finley had a fun adventure on her trip. We hope all goes well for your upcoming move.

  4. Lubbock??? My mommy graduated from Texas Tech YEARS AGO! Then moved back to CA and now to New River, AZ. I am really a Irvine CA girl bc that is where mommy drove to rescue me. I am so happy she did and HE found Kali in AZ to keep my company. Bet things are different in West Texas nowadays!

  5. This is momentous news. A new apartment. A new town. We can't wait to hear more!

  6. Well I hope you got some good napping done when you got back from your epic journey, Finley!

    Oh, and Flossie says hello! She loves seeing you ladies.

  7. Finley, you must be the most impawrtant terrier around, cause you kept everything safe!

    Kinley, a new apartment sounds like fun!
    Did your Momma get herself a nice good job?? That would mean lots of $$ for treats and noms and toys and...LOL!


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