Saturday, June 5, 2021

New Dresses!

Hi pals!


Well, it are stormin again here. We are really getting tired of dis rain interruptin our walks!  

Finley said we need to buy a boat.

Well, I guess these new pond dresses are appropriate since it's like we are living in a giant pond.

There's cute lil dragonfly buttons.

I kinda think momma shoulda let us be the stars of her 2-day zoom conference for her new job.

I mean, wouldn't you want a professor that looked like dis??

Whaddya mean an attractive nuisance momma??

So do y'all wanna see da other side of da dress?

It are kinda frog-tastic.

Finley got a matching new bandana.

I bet da frogs are right at home in all dis rain. 

Here's a close up.

There's even lil frog buttons.

Who knew pond dresses would be so appropriate??


  1. Oh, Those dresses are wonderful! Ponds must be overflowing in your neck of the woods...

    Ours are drying up, to mere puddles we are so dry here.

  2. Gail and I love your new pond dresses, especially the buttons. And we wish your momma all the best in her new job (and can't believe she won't let you in on the Zoom sessions....)
    Toodle pip!

  3. Both sides of your dresses are so cute. We bet your momma's Zoom session would be better if you were invited to help her.

  4. So sorry you're getting rained on. (We could use some of that rain here in WNY.) You new dresses look great and go perfectly with your weather.

  5. Please send us here in New River AZ some of your rain. We really need it. Thanks my friends.

  6. Cool blue fot the hot summer.


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