Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Birthday Angelique!


Today it wuz our kitty sisfur Angelique's birthday! Happy birthday Angelique!

It wuz also Father's Day! Happy Father's Day grandpa!

And it wuz da furstest day of summer!

And we got to go out and play!

Hope y'all had a pawsome day too!


  1. Happy birthday and Father's Day to very deserving souls.

  2. Angelique lives in a house with three Westies and she survived.

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet sisfur Angelique...she IS sweet, right??!
    Happy Father's Day to your dad and grandpa!
    And soon it will be the dog days of summer here...
    We had a good day here until the storms started, but we are not grumbling...too much...cause we really DO need the rain. Maybe now our grass will get soft again, instead of crunchy.

  4. happy birthday to angelique and a wonderful daddy day to your dad...

  5. Happy Birthday to Angelique and Happy Father's Day to your grandpa!

  6. Happy Birthday, Angelique! And Happy Father's Day to your Hu-Dad kitty and pups! Hope you all had great celebrations!


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