Sunday, August 1, 2021

Sunday Selfies


So I are STILL having a hard time believing what Finley wrote in her will. I mean, saying a C-A-T would make a better Head of Security dan me! Travis sleeps ALL day and he don't even know how to woof. He are no Travis Barker, dat are for sure. I mean, he don't play drums or gots tattoos, in fact, I has a tattoo so I are closer to being a Travis Barker dan him. Anyways, I are digressing, but I do think I should be da head of dis West Texas Branch since I are a DOG and dogs are good at fetchin sticks and branches. 

I mean, dat is what Finley meant by a West Texas branch right? 

I mean, it couldn't have anything to do wif all dese boxes everywhere. RIGHT? 

But I kinda expected dat from Finley since she gave me da side eye da whole five years I knew her. But what I didn't expect wuz all da comments from my pals saying she made a good decision. I mean really guys, a C-A-T who licks his own butt in charge of da joint? I don't think so!

So we are not gonna listen to her and are gonna be co-sheriffs.

Whaddya mean I are gonna hafta be sheriff on my own Brinley??? I are so confused! Oh well, I guess I'll just pose for my selfie and we'll get all dis stuff figgered out soon.

Have a good week pals. Hopefully wifout all your toys and stuff being boxed up.


  1. You two look so cute in your selfies. We hope you get that box situation figured out soon.

  2. You should reconsider. Maybe Finley knew what she was doing.

  3. You doggies shouldn't worry about who's boss. You and the kitties are all on the same team and all have different talents for guarding the house and property.

  4. Don't knock it. I know you are tough but when it comes to protection nothing is better than kitty claws. Plus, while she is on patrol you get snuggle time.

  5. Oh my, Kinley, it sounds like BIG changes are ahead for you and Travis!!

  6. Soon you just might have a whole lot of other things to think and meditate where is my back yard, etc...

    Your selfies are so sweet!


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