Saturday, May 28, 2022

Caturday Art


Hey pals.

Has your human been needing extra cuddles lately? Dere are some very sad and inFURiating stuff on da news. But I has been tryin to make my momma feel better wif lotsa cuddles.

And a few licks never hurt either. And getting her to watch Bridgerton instead of da sadness.

Here are my contribushun (ok, momma's) to da Dogur Caturday Art. 


  1. To much sadness indeed.
    You are a good distraction, Kinley! Look how fluffy you are!! Travis told us you got He said he you get some revenge, OK?! Just do it nicely, BOL!

  2. I'm glad you said "a few licks" and not "a few ticks".

  3. You are one cool cat.

  4. The news has been very sad. Bridgerton is a great diversion with you on her lap, Kinley.

  5. You are a furry good woofie to cheer up your Momma!
    We hear you are planning some payback on Travis. We can't really blame you - but go easy on him, okay? You two are furmily, after all..

  6. Your momma is so lucky to have you around to help her with her sads. We've been doing some of that around here, too.

  7. We try not to watch the news anymore because it is so negative but we too always can make Mom smile and be happy, no matter what.

    1. Yeah, momma tries to focus on good stuff. Life are too short.

  8. Thank goodness for doggies (and kitties) to help with such sadness.

  9. Aww... so lovely that you are taking care of your mom.


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