Friday, May 13, 2022

Flower Friday


Hi pals!

Well, I are still in Plano for a couple more days.

Which means LOTSA time wif my BFF!

Ya can tell how much we luv each other - we are always sitting together!

It has been fun to have a buddy to play wif again.

We has been getting to have lotsa fun in da backyard too.

Brinley made a really good dog wallow and let me share it wif her.

And today, grandma got us our very own baby pool! Yeah, we has da big pool and da pool float, but da baby pool are just for US.

It wuz fun to chill out in.

Just bring us some barkaritas please!

Since it are Flower Friday, here are some of da flowers dat are blooming here in Plano.

Have a good weekend pals!!


  1. We need to beg petcretary to get us a pool like that...we are not sure, but we think it might be fun! It would make a good planter if we don't want to go swimming in it...BOL!

    You two sure were having a grand time together.

    1. They are at Lowe's and Home Depot for pretty cheap.

  2. Hi Kinley,
    It was lovely to visit with you and your BFF in Plano today, and see you both having fun in your very own pool. What pretty flowers too. If only I could come and join you for a Barkarita...

    1. We wish ya could join us! Aunt Ally luvs WFTs though (dat are da kinda dog she wants) - she might try to steal ya!

  3. You sure are having fun hanging out with your bestie. Those are all such beautiful flowers, too.

  4. You two have such fun together it is just fun for us to see you !

  5. What a perfect wallow...and such beautimous flowers! Mama especially likes the Irises!!

    1. Yeah, my momma kinda missed peak iris season. She luvs em too and wants to plant some when she are able to get a house.


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