Saturday, May 21, 2022

Cool Morning


Y'all. I got up for my morning walk and it wuz actually COOL. Like 51 degrees with strong winds outta da north COOL. What da woof? It wuz 100 yesterday, dis lil pup are all confuserated. I did like da cooler stuff though, even if momma said it wuz too cold. Yeah, well, I has these pretty long furs. Anyways, da cool stuff are sposed to stick around for a few days. Just as long as rain don't come wif it.


  1. We had 87 here on Friday, and today after a stormy night, we didn't get above 68...Sunday's high is 64, at least that is what they say.

    We too prefer the cooler temps, though in the seventies would be nicer.

  2. We had 90 yesterday, which is too hot for our liking. We'll take the 50's any day of the week! Happy Sunday!

    1. BOL, 90 would be cool compared to what we had earlier dis week.

  3. Kinely I 100% understand your confusion with the crazy pants weather. Blows my feeble mind too. I guess we just need to go with the flow.
    Darling photo
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. We've been having temps that are way above normal for us here too. The weather peeps say we're supposed to cool down tomorrow. This weather sure is crazy.

  5. Hi friends, Ojo here! I much prefer Cool to Hot. What do you like better?

  6. We have a cool day today too, after a big storm last night.


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