Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Hi pals!

So I know, long time no bark. Well, on here anyways.

And maybe you're wondering what I wuz doing.

Well, Brinley came to visit me!

We had big fun together. Grandma wuz helping my momma decorate some.

Obviously, me and Brinley and Travis helped too.


Anyways, it wuz fun to see my BFF!

And look, grandma got us new antlered hoodies.

Christmoose, BOL!

Momma said watching us go down da stairs together wuz like watching reindeer pull Santa's sleigh.

I don't think Brinley wuz thrilled wif her antlers just then.

I are wishing Grandma and Brinley and Bowie and Ally and Angelique and Grandpa could ALL move down here wif me.

We'd have a lotta fun together.

And we barked everyone!

It's good to have backup for your barking.

Anyways, they had to go back to Plano today.

And I got some more snoopervising of Christmas decorating to do!


  1. Decorating is a lot of time consuming work...esp when you don't have time!! LOL! We bet when its done it will be very pretty! Coolio that you got to see your BFF!

  2. christmoose.. that is super funny... love that

  3. Bwahaha, you rock those moose antlers Kinley. Brinley, perhaps not so much...

  4. You to pups look so cute in your matching outfits. How nice that Brinley and Grandma could come visit you.

  5. You're all so cute. I'm glad you helped decorate with your mom and grandma.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect day and rest of the week. ♥

  6. We bet Santa will be on the phone to ask if you could help fly his sleigh this year!!!
    Rosy & Sunny

  7. How nice to have everyone visit you in your new place. It is a bummer when you are not close to those you love, but makes seeing them all the more special.

  8. You guys are so festive. It is hard when your BFF lives far, but we are glad you got some time together. Lee and Phod


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