Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Hey y'all!  I got a schnooter selfie for ya dis Sunday.

Well, some good news - my tummy trubbles are over.  I's back to normal in dat department and back to eatin regular (I even got some Frenchy fries tonite since it wuz a speshul Whataburger Sunday.  YUM YUM!!)  And last night I stayed in da bed, which momma says are good.

My leg wuz a lil better dis morning, I wuz able to balance on it to pee.  But dis afternoon, I wuzn't and momma had to use da leash to help sling me up.  I's still not walkin round, but all dis gettin carried like a princess isn't dat bad I guess.  Me and momma spent a lotta time enjoyin da sunshine today - it wuz 90!!

My momma made me my Howloween dress yesterday.  Dis are NOT my costume, it are just my October dress.  I can't believe my momma's ackshually managed her one-dress-a-month goal so far dis year.  I thought she'd have given up by February, but she's done pretty good.  And dis are ackshually da second dress she made dis month, since she made one for my cutie pie gal pal Dory too.

Dis side of it has lotsa pumpkins and black kitties.

Da trim fabric are candy corns and dere are lil pumpkin buttons.

I's all stylish for October now!

And now, for my Howloween Game Questuns and Answers . . .

1. Could you be Dorothy and Toto? Nope.  We did dat one years ago, way back in 2006.
2.  Does it involve pool ball?  Nope.
3.  Is it a movie character?  Nope.
4.  Is it a Disney theme? Nope.
5.  Is it Cinderella and a pumpkin? Nope.
6.  Does it involve a foodable?  Nope.
7.  Is it Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf?  Nope.
8.  Are you going to be cowgirls?  Nope.
9.  Is it something where the 2 of you go together, ex: Dorothy and Toto?  We'll have matching costumes, but no, it are not a pair like Dorothy and Toto.
10.  Is it Timmy and Lassie?  Nope.   I don't think my momma would make a good Timmy, BOL.
11.  Are you characters from a book?  Nope.
12.  Are you going as historical characters?  KIND OF.  There's a historical element to da costume.
13.  Is it a real person/thing?  Nope.
14.  Are you a scary pair?  Not really.
15.  Do you need to wear a hat?  YUP.
16.  Does it involve you running through a coal bin and being costumed as a Scottie?  Nope.
17.  Are you a headless horse-doggy?  Nope.
18.  Are you going to be riding a bicycle built for two?  Nope.
19.  Are you Texas bluebonnets?  Nope.
20.  Are you a flower and a bumblebee?  Nope.
21.  Are you Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep?  Nope.
22.  Are you Batman?  Nope.
23.  Does it involve a pigtail wig?  Nope.
24.  Are you going to be kitties?  Nope.
25.  Are you a couple of clowns?  Nope.  Some peeps might say so, but we's not dressin up like em.
26.  Is it something to do with Texas?  Nope.
27.  Are you Elizabeth I?  Nope.  But my momma really wants to do Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth in da future.
28.  Are you inviting Finley and being the three musketeers?  Nope. Finley are plannin her own costume.
29.  Is it a character from a famous painting?  Nope.
30.  Are you hippies?  Nope.  Even though I has da long scruffy fur for it.
31.  Are you going as Southern Belles?  Nope.
32.  Are you going to be a baby and momma with you in a carriage?  Nope.  Finley's momma are talkin bout gettin me a stroller, but it are not for Howloween.
33.  Are you gonna be a pizza and a delivery boy?  Nope.
34.  Are you going to be a bacon and egg pair?  Nope, but I am gettin hungry here!
35.  Are you going to be queens and princesses?  Nope.
36.  Are you going to be Disney characters?  Nope.
37.  Is it a dog and a tree?  BOL BOL!  Nope.
38.  Are you a flower in a pot?  Nope.
39.  Are you a witch?  Nope, but good guess.  I has been a witch before.
40.  Are you cavewomen?  Nope.

Ok, since I gotta a lotta ya stumped, here are a lil clue.  Dese are da shoes my momma are gonna wear for her costume - remember, we is goin as da SAME thing.

I ain't wearin no shoes though.


  1. Are you going as Victorian ladies?

    the critters in the cottage xo

  2. I knows!! I knows!!

    But Momma sez I don't gets to play.......


    1. BOL Finley. And I knows what you is goin as too.

  3. P.S. We are glad your tummy is feeling better Whitley! And you look adorable as always in your darling October pumpkin dress :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. Very glad your tummy is better. Praying for your leg to get better. We love the details on your outfit. It is very well done. Are you a pirate?

    1. Nope. Even though da whole peg leg thing might be appropriate, BOL BOL!

  5. Glad you're better! Yay!
    Love that dress.

  6. First of all, we are happy you are feeling better! And that dress is beautiful!! Are you going as a cowgirl?

    Your Pals,


    1. Nope, not cowgirls. If we wuz, my momma would be wearin one of her pairs of cowboy boots.

  7. You're so cute! I'm so glad you're feeling better and I LOVE your Halloween dress!

  8. We are drooling over that pawsome fabric!! You look pawsitively pawfect! I always love how you dress up...and have the whitest furs around. Sorry about your leggies, but happy to hear about your tummy! I hope you have a great night's sleep.

    1. Fanks! And I's even whiter now since da pics wuz pre-baff.

  9. Are you a big tease? Yes, I got it right!!!

    1. Well yeah, but dat are everyday, not just for Howloween.

  10. Glad you are some better, at least in the stomach department.

    Now who wears big lace up black boots...
    Are you going to be Raggedy Anne's?
    Or roaring twenties gals??
    Pioneer gals?

    1. Cinderella afur she got to be a princess??
      Or the Irish Washerwoman, BOL!!

    2. BOL, yup, momma thought dey would be good for a LOT of costumes.

      But we's not goin as any of those, well not dis year anyways. :)

    3. Police?? Lady police on bikes...oh my dogness! My Auntie wears boots like that at her work in the jail.

      Wait...Sadie Hawkins??

    4. Or soldier ladies from the civil war,or ladies (wives) of those men??
      Sheesh, once again the crazy shifts that growlmy works have driven her mad...I shall bark her to go outside; that will drag her away from here...she has to feed Minko anyways.

    5. Nope, but we luv all your guesses!

  11. OMD Whitley, that Halloweenie dress is totally faboo!!!

    We are pretty stuck on your costume....looks kinda like the boots a Soldier might wear...BOL

    Glad your tummy is feeling better!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    1. Fanks! Ya should be gettin your dress later dis week Dory!

  12. Great news that yous getting betters Whitley although being carried around sounds like a good wheeze to me!
    What a great dress!!! Your Mama has got this dress making thingy Mum made be one....and that's it, I got the NEVER again words!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Fanks. My momma says it are gettin easier da more she does.

  13. Glad that you're getting better.
    How about a witch.....wicked or good?


  14. Your pumpkin dress is just beautiful, Whitley! You look fabulous in orange! Those boots would look great on you, ya know. Just sayin'

    1. Yeah, I bet I could rock em. Dey's just a lil big.

  15. Hey Whitley! Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! Your mom is very good at it just beautiful!! We are sorry to hear that you aren't walking around real good just yet...but hope you are feeling much better each day. Happy Monday!

  16. I'm gonna guess Biker Chicks.
    Keep gettin better - all o' yur parts!

  17. that's a super cool dress, I love it !!! the colors are so wonderful, like a sunny fall day :o) POTP to you that your leg is better soon...
    that boots... are made for walking... but what kind of costume could fit to that boots? hmmmm? Will you be characters from Gone With The Wind?

    1. Nope, but dat are one of my momma's favorite movies!

  18. I loves your October dress! The candy corn trim is pawesome.

    We are stumped on the costume. You said the Victorian ladies guess was close. Hmm... are you going as Edwardian ladies from Downton Abbey?

  19. OK. The Wicked Witch of the West and a flying monkey!

    We're glad you're feeling better, and hope you stay that way. (Your new dress is great!)

  20. Love your dress Whitley and love that your tummy is better. and we love all the guesses about your costume!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  21. Wow I have no idea! But...I am so happy you are eating normally again!!! LOVE the dress, your Mama is so talented! Praying that leg gets better and better!!

  22. I am so happy that your tummy issues are resolved. Your Halloween dress is gorgeous. Your mom needs to open an Etsy store. She is super talented. ♥ You said "no" to witch so we are stumped on your costume, but love the boots!

  23. Glad your tummy is feeling better. Momma just loves your dress. You are a fashionista my friend!

  24. whitley....we iz troo lee sorree ta lurn ya haz been sick; we dinna noe ya waz havin a time of it til de crockett, travis & angelique said sew.....we hope ewe iz doin like 90 bazillion times better two day & we haz asked St Francis if him could send sum get well blessings yur way & him said shirley he will.......♥♥♥♥♥head bonx two ewe ~~~~~~ may we pleez guess two ....for yur momma's coztoom...her iz goin as hermione granger !!

    1. Fanks so much kitties. And nope, not Hermione even though my momma reads enuf to be her!

  25. I feel bad for you with your leg. My big sis has leg issues too. Cute Halloween dress, the buttons are real cute!

  26. Good to hear that your stomach is feeling better. That dress is beautiful...Granny is kind of jealous... now are you going as a dancer...those shoes are made for dancing, right ;) Pawkisses :) <3


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