Monday, October 12, 2015

My Howloween Dress

I thought I'd show y'all da udder side of my Howloween dress today.

It's got pumpkins, black cats, witches, a haunted house, well, all kindsa creepy perfect for October.  We used da candy corn trim again.

Wif candy corn buttons on dis side.  I's just glad dey ain't da real thing, udderwise Finley's daddy would probably try to eat em!  He are a Candy Corn Fiend.  I mean, my momma luvs da candy corns, but Finley's daddy are crazy bout em.

I didn't have too good of a day today.  Da tummy trubbles returned dis morning - I woke my momma up at 6:30 by belly-crawlin up to her face and pantin.  She couldn't figger out why I didn't bark if I needed to go out, but I didn't.  But she did get up and take me out - and it wuz a good thing too!  Dat wuzn't da only time I woke her up, I wuz pantin a lotta da nite.  Momma are pretty sure it wuz cuz I wuz in pain - she turned da A/C down to 75 (she usually keeps it at 78) so it wuzn't dat I wuz hot.  We went back to da vet today - I got some more of da cold laser and electro-accupuncture.  Momma are hopin it are gonna start helpin me.  I still are havin a tuff time standin and walkin.  I did get to spend some time outside today wif my momma - it wuz in da 90s, so she wuz out in her bikini tryin to keep her tan as long as possible, BOL.

And now, for my Howloween Game Questuns and Answers . . .

1. Could you be Dorothy and Toto? Nope.  We did dat one years ago, way back in 2006.
2.  Does it involve pool ball?  Nope.
3.  Is it a movie character?  Nope.
4.  Is it a Disney theme? Nope.
5.  Is it Cinderella and a pumpkin? Nope.
6.  Does it involve a foodable?  Nope.
7.  Is it Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf?  Nope.
8.  Are you going to be cowgirls?  Nope.
9.  Is it something where the 2 of you go together, ex: Dorothy and Toto?  We'll have matching costumes, but no, it are not a pair like Dorothy and Toto.
10.  Is it Timmy and Lassie?  Nope.   I don't think my momma would make a good Timmy, BOL.
11.  Are you characters from a book?  Nope.
12.  Are you going as historical characters?  KIND OF.  There's a historical element to da costume.
13.  Is it a real person/thing?  Nope.
14.  Are you a scary pair?  Not really.
15.  Do you need to wear a hat?  YUP.
16.  Does it involve you running through a coal bin and being costumed as a Scottie?  Nope.
17.  Are you a headless horse-doggy?  Nope.
18.  Are you going to be riding a bicycle built for two?  Nope.
19.  Are you Texas bluebonnets?  Nope.
20.  Are you a flower and a bumblebee?  Nope.
21.  Are you Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep?  Nope.
22.  Are you Batman?  Nope.
23.  Does it involve a pigtail wig?  Nope.
24.  Are you going to be kitties?  Nope.
25.  Are you a couple of clowns?  Nope.  Some peeps might say so, but we's not dressin up like em.
26.  Is it something to do with Texas?  Nope.
27.  Are you Elizabeth I?  Nope.  But my momma really wants to do Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth in da future.
28.  Are you inviting Finley and being the three musketeers?  Nope. Finley are plannin her own costume.
29.  Is it a character from a famous painting?  Nope.
30.  Are you hippies?  Nope.  Even though I has da long scruffy fur for it.
31.  Are you going as Southern Belles?  Nope.
32.  Are you going to be a baby and momma with you in a carriage?  Nope.  Finley's momma are talkin bout gettin me a stroller, but it are not for Howloween.
33.  Are you gonna be a pizza and a delivery boy?  Nope.
34.  Are you going to be a bacon and egg pair?  Nope, but I am gettin hungry here!
35.  Are you going to be queens and princesses?  Nope.
36.  Are you going to be Disney characters?  Nope.
37.  Is it a dog and a tree?  BOL BOL!  Nope.
38.  Are you a flower in a pot?  Nope.
39.  Are you a witch?  Nope, but good guess.  I has been a witch before.
40.  Are you cavewomen?  Nope.
41.  Are you going as Victorian ladies?  Nope, but ya is gettin warmer.
42.  Are you a pirate?  Nope, even though da peg leg might be appropriate right about now.
43.  Are you going as a cowgirl?  Nope.
44.  Are you going as Raggedy Annes?  Nope.
45.  Are you going as Cinderella before she wuz a princess?  Nope.
46.  Are you going as Irish washerwomen?  Nope, BOL!  I does luv me some taters though.
47.  Are you going as policewomen?  Nope.
48.  Are you going as Sadie Hawkins?  Nope, as a proper Southern Belle, I waits for boys to ask ME.
49.  Are you going as Civil War soldiers or ladies?  Nope.
50.  Are you a witch?  Nope.
51.  Are you Martha Washington?  Nope.
52.  Are you biker chicks?  Nope.
53.  Are you characters from Gone With the Wind?  Nope.  But dat are my momma's udder favorite movie, besides Da Lil Mermaid.
54.  Are you going as Edwardian ladies from Downton Abbey?  Nope.  But I could use a valet, BOL!
55.  Are you going as the Wicked Witch of the West and a flying monkey?  Nope.
56.  Are you going as Hermione Granger?  Nope, but my momma reads enuf books to be her.

CLUE #1:  Dese are da shoes my momma are gonna wear for her costume - remember, we is goin as da SAME thing.

Keep askin dem questuns!!

P.S.  Sweet William - what happened?  I can't read your blog, I don't have permisshuns!!


  1. Whitley- I do like your howloween dress VERY MUCH. The candy corns are the best. I too am getting a costume, with scary skulls.
    I'm sorry you are not feeling well. My Westie Cousin 'Cassie' is diabetic and she gets two insulin shots a day. Are you thirsty all the time and peeing all the time? Anyway, that's all this Airedale dogtor knows. Well, there was the time my Airedale sister got bit by a poisonous spider....have you been hanging around spiders?
    Get well soon :)


    1. Well, I drinks a lot, but I don't pee any more dan normal. I got all my bloodwork done - we's waiting on da results.

      And nope, I hasn't been hangin round spiders.

  2. Whitley we sure are worried about you! We can't imagine what your momma is going through. Has your back been xrayed? How is your heart? You are in our prayers sweetie.

    1. She are kind of a wreck.
      And yeah, I got x-rayed - nuffin showed up eggcept da arthur-eye-tis in my hips, which are old news. And da vetman listened to my heart and it sounded fine.

  3. Umm..
    Salem witches?? Those shoes look Pilgrimish so I'm going with Salem witches.

    1. Not witches, but dey would make pawsome witch shoes!

  4. A Pilgrim gal??

    We here kitties included sure hope you are going to start feeling much better with those treatments to your sore leg. And those tummy issues, shoot, as if you needed other troubles. Do your meds make you feel yucky??

    We send lots of pawyers, POTP and the kitties are purring hard, too.

    We also think your October dress is quite pretty! Candy corn?? Yum!!

    1. Dat are what Finley's momma are thinkin - dat maybe I are not reactin to da meds too good. I dunno, I just wish I felt better.

      And nope, not a pilgrim.

    2. Nope, but ya did make my momma want a Starbucks real bad just now. ;)

    3. Charlie Chaplin!??
      Wait, he was I guess not...but he wore big boots and a hat, BOL!

    4. My momma did a paper on him for a film class a way long time ago!

  5. The attention to detail is remarkable. We are sending you prayers that your tummy and legs improve. I like MeezerMews question

  6. Lady Shasta here - WOWZERZ! That iza purty dress - wish my mom cood make me dressez like u haz.

    It iz time fer u tue git ALL BETTER. Yep, your medz cood b the reezon u iz havin'tummy trublez still. We all at Team Beaglebratz iz puttin' x-tra AROOOS with the POTP we iz sendin'u.

    Are u gonna b the gurl who wore the Scarlet Letter?
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

    1. Nope, no Scarlet Letters for me. And fanks for da POTP.

  7. Whitely, I don't care about your costume or dress. I do care that you get better.

    1. Fanks Kismet. I's a lil better today - no tummy trubbles and I's standin on my own to pee.

  8. You is rockin' dat dress, BFF.... sure hope ya feels better soon... I's so bizee waitin' to see how yer doin' I's furgittin' to eat my brackfist!!

  9. Oh Whitely, that dress is amazing, you haf not one dress butts two AND they's both beautiful! Oh how I wish I could entice Mum back into her sewing room to make me sumfink you finks bacon bribe would do it?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. I dunno, it would work for me, but mommas can be weird. Maybe a puppaccino would work for her.

  10. You look so pretty in your new Halloween dress, Whitley. Our paws are crossed that you feel better SOON!

  11. You have such a lovely dress. The jack-o-lateens are great. Feel better sweet Whitley!

  12. I love your dress. So sorry your tummy is acting up. Feel better soon.

  13. POTP to you and I hope this wonderful dress can chase all that bad stuff away...
    will you be the sun and the moon on howl-o-ween? if, please don't use waterproof yellow marker for your face like my momma and her friend... they needed 87 years to wash it away...

    1. BOL, dat are too funny! But nope, we's not da moon and da sun.

  14. ((((hugs))) Whitley. Your dress is gorgeous but we want you to feel better. That's all that matters xoxoxo DakotasDen

  15. We are hoping you feel better real soon Whitley and are sending tons of POTP!!

    We also love that Halloween dress and the way you have us all stumped with your costume!!!

    Smiley Feel Better Hugs!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  16. whitley....furst...hope ewe iz better two LOTZ better....thurd....we iz guessin
    punk rocker; like frum de 80's !!!!

  17. Ooh, I think I likes this side of your dress even more than the odder! I hope you start feeling better soon. You're probably worrying your poor momma a whole lot.

    1. Yeah, she are gettin all ner-o-tick. At least my tummy are better today and I can stand on my own to pee.

  18. Your dress looks great. Lots of good guesses butts I beginning think y'all aren't sure what to go as and your trying to get good ideas. Anyways, here's my guess....Lizzie Borden.

    Aroo to you,

    1. Nope, not Lizzie Borden. And BOL, my momma has had dis one planned for a while!

  19. Love your dress Whitley and hoping you feel all better long before Halloween!

  20. Pretty dress Whitley. So sorry you had such an uncomfortable night. Oh I do hope the vet can come up with something good to help you feel better.
    Toodle pip!

  21. Hope you are a good witch
    Lily & Edward

  22. Sure hope you can get feeling better Whitley -
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  23. How about a little house on the prairie kid?
    Love the dress!!


  24. Jill, from Jack and Jill??
    Or Jane from Dick and Jane...sheesh my grpwlmy is so old sheheld those books in her own hands back in the day, BOL!!

    But she just saw some old pictures and they wore boots like your Momma showed us!

    Or maybe Pipi Long Stocking?? nah...
    Or Puss in Boots?? OMD!! BOL! Growlmy is so nutzo...

    Maybe the girl Anne of Green Gables?

    1. And I am so glad to hear you are having a better day, today. All that POTP is working:))

    2. Did ya know one set of momma's grandparents (Finley's daddy's parents) are named Dick and Jane?? No kidding!! Momma thinks dey shoulda named a dog Spot, BOL BOL!

      And nope, ya still hasn't guessed it, but I are thinkin ya deserves a award for most guesses!

  25. I sure hope that all of the POTP prayers and good thoughts help you feel better. ♥ Your costumes really have us stumped. Mom still loves the boots though. ☺

    1. Fanks! And I are gonna be givin anudder clue soon.

  26. You Halloween outfit is so precious!! We wish we could wave a magical wand over you and make you all better Whitley! Paws together you will be on the road to recovery soon.

    xoxo, Ginger, Matt & Matilda

  27. Love the dress! You look faaaabulous, daaahling! Hope you're doing okay - feel better soon, sweets!



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