Saturday, October 10, 2015

Not a Good Morning

Hey y'all.  Well, I didn't have a good morning.  I had some tummy trubbles and had a big messy accident on da floor, it are so embarassin.  I managed to get outta da bed to do it, but den I couldn't move and I wuz sittin in my accident.  I hate bein dirty, it are so nasty.  I's always hated it and always been real good bout not havin accidents.  So my momma knows it are cuz I are hurt and feelin bad.

She took me straight to da tub and I got cleaned up, dat made me feel a lot better.  She took me out so I could go pee, but I couldn't stand so she had to help me by holdin a leash up under my belly.  Again, I wuz embarrassed.  When we came back inside, I napped on da couch while momma did her exorcisin after she cleaned up da mess.  She ain't mad at me or nuffin cuz she knows I's feelin so bad. She said I wuz ackshually tryin to be really good to get outta da bed, but she are worried I hurt myself worse by doin it.

I didn't want to eat my kibbles dis mornin, but I did eat some bacon and pumpkin pancake.  Which yeah, may not be da bestest thing in da world for tummy trubbles, but I only got a lil bacon and wuz lookin real pathetical.  When I went out at halftime, I wuz still not able to stand and momma had to help me wif da leash under my belly.  I had some more tummy trubbles, but at least dey wuz outside.  So dat are somefin I guess.  I don't like da leash under my belly very much, but I can't stand on my own right now so I guess I needs it.  Even if it are embarassin.  :(

Well, for some good news - as of right now, da Texas Longhorns is ackshually winnin and beatin OU.  And my momma says dat she are gonna get started on my Howloween dress today - not da costume, but a cute dress for me to wear dis month.  So I'll be happy to get dat!

And now, for my Howloween Game Questuns and Answers . . .

1. Could you be Dorothy and Toto? Nope.  We did dat one years ago, way back in 2006.
2.  Does it involve pool ball?  Nope.
3.  Is it a movie character?  Nope.
4.  Is it a Disney theme? Nope.
5.  Is it Cinderella and a pumpkin? Nope.
6.  Does it involve a foodable?  Nope.
7.  Is it Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf?  Nope.
8.  Are you going to be cowgirls?  Nope.
9.  Is it something where the 2 of you go together, ex: Dorothy and Toto?  We'll have matching costumes, but no, it are not a pair like Dorothy and Toto.
10.  Is it Timmy and Lassie?  Nope.   I don't think my momma would make a good Timmy, BOL.
11.  Are you characters from a book?  Nope.
12.  Are you going as historical characters?  KIND OF.  There's a historical element to da costume.
13.  Is it a real person/thing?  Nope.
14.  Are you a scary pair?  Not really.
15.  Do you need to wear a hat?  YUP.
16.  Does it involve you running through a coal bin and being costumed as a Scottie?  Nope.
17.  Are you a headless horse-doggy?  Nope.
18.  Are you going to be riding a bicycle built for two?  Nope.
19.  Are you Texas bluebonnets?  Nope.
20.  Are you a flower and a bumblebee?  Nope.
21.  Are you Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep?  Nope.
22.  Are you Batman?  Nope.
23.  Does it involve a pigtail wig?  Nope.
24.  Are you going to be kitties?  Nope.
25.  Are you a couple of clowns?  Nope.  Some peeps might say so, but we's not dressin up like em.
26.  Is it something to do with Texas?  Nope.
27.  Are you Elizabeth I?  Nope.  But my momma really wants to do Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth in da future.
28.  Are you inviting Finley and being the three musketeers?  Nope. Finley are plannin her own costume.
29.  Is it a character from a famous painting?  Nope.
30.  Are you hippies?  Nope.  Even though I has da long scruffy fur for it.
31.  Are you going as Southern Belles?  Nope.
32.  Are you going to be a baby and momma with you in a carriage?  Nope.  Finley's momma are talkin bout gettin me a stroller, but it are not for Howloween.
33.  Are you gonna be a pizza and a delivery boy?  Nope.
34.  Are you going to be a bacon and egg pair?  Nope, but I am gettin hungry here!
35.  Are you going to be queens and princesses?  Nope.
36.  Are you going to be Disney characters?  Nope.
37.  Is it a dog and a tree?  BOL BOL!  Nope.

I know I promised more clues dis weekend, dey is comin tomorrow.  Me and momma has been a lil preoccupied today.  But keep on sendin me questuns!!


  1. Oh Whitley. I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. We're sending BIG HUGS and woofs and licks for you to feel better again so so soon! <3

  2. Oh NOES! I'm so sorry abouts your tummy troubles gurl! You are one sweet gurl gettin' outta bed to have the accident...that wouldn't have been fun for your Moms.
    I'm keepin' my paws crossed that your tummy will feel betters, and your leggies will feel better too. {{hugs}}}
    OMD, those are lots of clues!!!! I'm gonna have to thinks about this one!
    give me a margarita, and I'm sure I'll figure it out! hehehehe
    Ruby ♥

    1. Well, I think da tummy isshoes might be over since I hasn't had any problems in a while. At least I are hopin so!

  3. Whitley we are sorry that now yur tummy doesn't feel good. Have mom give you a little pure pumpkin - that seems to help Bailey when he gets the poops.
    big hugs for ya
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    1. Fanks. We's done da pumpkin thing before - my tummy seems to be better now, I are sure hopin so!

  4. Oh Whitley, we are really sorry that you have a hurt leg. Sounds like the Mom is taking really good care of you.We sure send tons of purrs to you in hopes that you will heal up quickly.

  5. Well durn it all. I wuz hopin yud be on the mend an now yu got the tummy mochus. That wuz Real good of yu not to make a mess in the bed. The peepoles don't like that when they have to clean up that stuff. There wuz sum kitty throw up an a part o' a mousie on the back porch mat yesserday. Mommy jus' tossed the thing in the trash!
    Like the Idunno Pugs sed, maybe sum pupkin, jus' a dab mite help yur tummy.
    Please get better soon.
    Yu still able to bark tho, rite? Maybe yu can bark that bad stuff away!


  6. Sheesh, I will have to up the volume of my POTP, and thr kitties here wil fur sure purr louder fur ya.
    Please feel better soon Whitley, please do. Being sick and feeling ouchie is just no fun at all...

    Now about those ideas for your costume...sheesh; maybe a flower in a pot?? Like the irises your furmily likes so much? Or a rose??

  7. I am sorry about your tummy ache. I am crossing paws that you feel better real real fast.

    Ziggy Out!!

  8. Oh nose I am so very sorry you still are not feeling well :( We are really praying hard that your get well soon!!!

    xoxo, Ginger, Matt & Matilda

  9. Whitley, we understand completely about your pride being wounded. Isadora is exactly like you. If she had an accident it would mean she wasn't feeling well at all. Duffy, on the other hand....Sigh.

    Whitley, we know that wasn't a good way for you or your Mama to start the day so we are sending you both love and hugs. Rest up and take it easy sweetie. We are sending good thoughts your way in the hopes that you feel better real soon :)

    your pals,
    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Fanks.

      Yeah, when I has an accident, momma knows I must be sick. Sometimes Finley just has "accidents" cuz she doesn't like wet grass, BOL.

  10. So sorry girlfriend!! Get well soon!! Xxoo

  11. We continue to purr and pray for you and hope your new medicine will help you heal. Hope to see you for Sunday Selfies tomorrow. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo p.s. We sure cannot figure out what you are going to be for Howl-o-ween, even putting all the questions and "Nope" answers together.

  12. We are sending tons and tons of POTP Whitley...feel better real soon!!

    Can't wait for more clues...we are stumped!!

  13. Whitley, we are so sorry you aren't feeling well. We know your momma understands when you mess in the house.
    Hmmmm, we are going to have to think hard about what you may be for halloween.

    1. Yeah, she are pretty understandin since she knows how much I hate makin a mess.

  14. Not just POTP coming your way but a lot of love too! We feel bad for you sweetie.

  15. I'm really, really worried about you. Kyla was diagnosed with terminal melanoma last September. She was helped to cross when she couldn't stand up because of her hind legs. Forget the contest, we want you to WIN this fight.

    1. Fanks Kismet. I had my full physical - blood works and all dat on Friday, so we should be gettin back info on dat next week sometime. I'll be sure to post bout it when da vetman calls. And I are probably goin back on Monday for more of da laser and electro-accupuncture too.

  16. Oh Whitley - we Beaglebratz iz so sorry tue hear u did not haf a good mornin. May-b u shood dress aza witch so u can scare all the tummy trublez away. If either of us haf tummy trublez, our mom will give us a spoonful of cottage cheeze with our kibble - the vetman recommended this. Sumtimez she duz it just tue keep tummy trublez away. Now u shood git dressed up aza ghost an'bark the loudest BOO u can tue scare thoze tummy trublez away an'anything else tue.

    By the way, r u an'your mom gonna dress up aza couple of witchez - they wear hatz.
    Lord Shiloh'n Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  17. Whitley we are very worried for your sweet self..we know Mum must be very worried must rest and not worry about competitions and stuffs as well want you to be back to yourself more...loves and POPT Fozziemum xxx

    1. Yeah, momma are pretty upset. I been lickin her and tryin to make her relax some.

  18. Dear Whitley, we are worried too, and sending more hugs to you and your Mom.
    We know she's doing her best for you, which is all she can.
    Take care,
    Bertie and Gail.

  19. We hope today is a much better day for you, Whitley!

    1. Well, da tummy trubbles are gone, so dat helps a lot!

  20. Well, we don't always have good days do we? Hope you're better.

  21. Whitley I hope your tummy is better soon and all that bad things go away from you...
    That's not easy to find out what costumes you will wear.... will you be cavemen... or in your case cave-wo-men?

    1. Fanks, my tummy are better today.

      And nope, not cavewomens.

  22. oh Whitley this makes me sad. I feel so bad for you. I hope that you start to feel better soon. I am too sad to think of anymore questions. Please feel better Whitley!! xoxo

  23. We hope that you are feelin better today, Whitley <3

    Edgar and his mum

  24. So sorry you're still not feeling better. And now you have tummy trouble too? Whoa, that's not fair! When Joey dog has tummy trouble, ghostwriter makes chicken and rice soup for him. We hope you feel better soon.

  25. We're sure sorry you are not feeling too good. Mom says getting old is hell. Our mom says it is terrible for the moms to see their furbabies not feel good and be embarrassed. Don't worry, your mom knows your heart and will take care of you so don't be embarrassed.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  26. What da woof? (my mom likes saying that because of you) Tummy troubles?! I am a no "Finely type of accident' girl myself but sometimes it happens. I get really embarrassed, too. I hope you are having lots of snuggle times with your Ma. I finks you both need it! We'll be sending over lots of POTP to you. We're sure it's ruff not feeling yourself and having to go to the dogtor so much. You look as beautiful as always!

    1. Fanks so much Daisy. I's been gettin a lotta momma time lately, well, really, a lot of time wif everybody since I has to be constantly snoopervised. But I don't mind it, I like da attenshuns!


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