Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas Cocktails

Aroooo, y'all!

Well, Chrissymouse may be over, but we is still sell-a-bratin.

And today we got to wear da udder side of our brand new Chrissymouse cocktail dresses.

Of course, wif our mommas, it are never da wrong season for cocktails.

Brinley's momma really did a great job on da dress!

I tried to steal some of my momma's cocktail tonite, but she wuz not sharin.

Here are a closeup . . .

Chewy are so pawsome - dey sent my momma a whole bunch of snacks!!

I says she should share wif me - after all, it are ME dat rights da reviews, not her!


  1. Ya think ya can git her to share sum of dose goodies wiff us?

  2. Love you girls in pink! Those snacks look so yummy!

  3. We took Christmas down last night because my sisters were ruining the tree. They love it too much I guess! We also got that Chewy package and it makes my mom happy.

  4. Those are fantastic dresses. A little cocktail sure makes the holidays more cheerful!

  5. The cocktail dresses are perfect for a New Year's Eve celebration! You girls are always on the cutting edge of fashion!

  6. Just make sure that there's no egg nog if you know what I mean.

  7. Our mom got some of those goodies and she ain't sharing either
    Hazel & Mabel

  8. Wow! Those dresses look like they are making petcretary needing something to drink...and how pawsome your Momma got those yummies from Chewy!

    1. Yeah, she says Chewy wuz so nice to send her somefin.


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