Friday, August 17, 2018

Flower Friday

TGIF pals!

As ya can see, we is all fresh and clean. 

And happy dat we are not gonna hafta in-dure da waterboardin for a while! Now for da flowers . . .

A high biskit.

An althaea.

Anudder high biskit.

Guess da high biskits like it HOT!

And here are anudder althaea.

Yeah, mostly what are bloomin are althaeas and high biskits. 

But dat are not all.

We also has some zinnias going and look at what happened to dese - momma says she thinks it are a chimera zinnia - it's like our peppermint zinnias blended wif a normal hot pink one. 

And dis one has just a tiny lil peppermint porshun.

Oh and a NEW high biskit - cuz we don't have enuf. 😂


  1. You got lovely close ups of the beautiful flowers

  2. You girls look so sparkling clean and your flowers are just beautiful!

  3. You sure have a lot of high biscuits and althaea. Your zinnias seem a bit confused what color they want to be. All those flowers are beautiful as are you three girls.

  4. First of all, y'all look beautiful. ♥ Your flowers are so pretty but those peppermint ones are glorious! My old neighbor had some sort of peppermint flower tree and I always loved it. Y'all really have green thumbs!

    1. Da mommas are convinced it are years of Basset Poop (and Westie Poop) as fertilizer!

  5. Wow! You've got some spectacular flowers in your yard!

  6. OMD...Those Zinnias are pawsome!! Well, all your flowers are pawesome..but we love when nature goes her own way!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  7. More smileys!!
    Gorgeous blooms! The flowers are always smiley and they make peeps smile too:)


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