Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Selfies

Well, our bike ride today wuz muddy, but momma wouldn't lemme go play in it. Somefin bout if she'd wanted a brown puppy, she woulda gotten a Cairn.

Mommas are no fun sometimes.

But at least we looked good for our selfies. Congrats to da kitties over at The Cat on My Head on four years of da Sunday Selfies blog hop! WOW - dat are 2 whole years older dan me and Brinley!


  1. And if she wanted a black puppy she would have gotten A Scottie.

    1. Yeah, I has heard dat one too. Of course, I's also heard her say a black lil sisfur for me would be cute . . .

  2. Well, if you had gotten all muddy you would have had to take another bath.

  3. MOL Have to agree with Kismet's comment. You are all sweet as you are!!

  4. Sorry ladies, but as much as splashing in mud is fun (for doggies) I has to agree that you and your moms wonderful dresses look so much better white than Cairn, MOL
    Toodlepips and purrs

  5. no playing in da mud? ...your chance will come, maybe with the next bike ride ;O)

  6. Sadly, the moms never seem to be fond of the idea of us playing in the mud.

  7. It must be ruff being a white dog. We are already dirt color and that suits us well😉

  8. Tell your Momma that if you were sometimes allowed you to be a brown puppy she might consider she had two dogs for the price of one!
    Toodle pip!

  9. My assistant won't let me in the mud either. No fair!


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