Saturday, September 7, 2019

A Westiful Weekend!


We has been a busy trio of pups. 

Ya know, dose daily zombie patrols are TUFF work!

Dere are so much to sniff and bark!

And so many places to pee - well, if you're Brinley anyways. She likes to do marking pees.

Yesterday it wuz my grandpa's birthday - he turned 62!

Da humans had eggs benedict (we got to lick da plates), anticuchos (we got some BEEF!) and German's sweet chocolate cake (which we didn't get NONE of!)

And den today it wuz my momma's grandma's birthday - she turned 90! Da mommas went over to see her, but we just chilled at home.

And now it are football time!

Hook 'em horns says Brinley!

At least I look cute in my UCLA dress, even if momma duz not know if her school will win a game.

And Finley speaks for ALL of us when she says - WHERE are da snacks??


  1. It sounds like you all have been busy lately. Our mom's college football team isn't doing well this year either. You girls do look good in your team dresses though.

  2. A busy weekend indeed, but evidently one thing still missing.
    Bring out those snacks!
    Toodle pip!

  3. Happy Birthday to your grandpa! Bummer that you didn't get not even a smidge of his cake. What about the coconut frosting?!

  4. No cake? But someone once upon a time said "let 'em eat cake!" and surely that meant you, too ... how can you celebrate without cake!

  5. Happy birthday Grampa! We had to look up what anticuchos were. Looks yummy!

  6. We had a party at our house too this weekend. We are now recovering.


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