Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Remembering 9/11

Ok, we are not ackshually remembering 9/11. We is all too young to remember it. But momma said it wuz a very sad day for our country.

People just living their normal lives didn't come home. Heroes gave their lives trying to save others. And we're sure there were lots and lots of pups who never got to see their people again.

We don't remember 9/11, but our mommas always will.

And today I'm doing some therapy dog work. My Aunt Ally hurt her knee really bad - we think it is a cartilage tear. I'm keeping her company and giving her lotsa kisses.


  1. My peep remembers that it was jury duty day and had to go to Phoenix hearing what was going on via the radio and watching the planes coming into Sky Harbor airport very low.

  2. We are too young also, even Pipo, but the peeps remember it far too clearly...and no we will not forget. EVER.

    POTP for your Aunt Ally.

  3. we are too young either but the mama told us about this day... and we decided to stand together with all da good peeps of da world... hugs and potp to your aunty...

  4. I wasn't around for 9-11 either but Maggie was. She and mom will never forget. You are a good nurse, Kinley!

  5. We don't remember it either, and Mom wasn't living in the US at the time, so it isn't as big a memory as for some folks, but still a terrible thing that happened.

  6. My humans remember that day as if it was yesterday.

    Hope your Aunty feels better soon. I'm sure you pups will do a great job helping her.


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