Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Hi pals!

We hope you've been having a good weekend.

Da three of us have - we even saw a RAT on a walk!!

It wuz up at da school, which momma says are appropriate. 

If only we hadn't been on leashes, we coulda given him da ol shakey shakey.

Finley had to brag dat she caught a mouse while on a leash and dat Whitley caught squirrels. But those were zip leashes, not the 6 foot kind we use now.

Ok, now it's time for selfies. Brinley decided to go earless today, BOL BOL!

Finley gave her best begging face.

I just stuck with cute and fluffy. When ya got a winning formula . . .


  1. You saw a RAT!
    Gosh, my weekend is looking very dull in comparison.
    Lovely selfies girls, as always.
    Toodle pip!

  2. That was that rat's lucky day, 'cause if you'd been free, it would have had NO chance.

    Love the earless look, made us laugh.

  3. Yikes on the RAT! MOL @ the earless selfie!! You all did a good job.

    The Florida Furkids

  4. You saw a rat?? I've never seen one of those. Only tree rats. Did I tell you that my ghostwriter has a new little old lady at the nursing home who loves Westies? She really enjoys seeing your pictures!

  5. We've seen lots of wild life but never a rat. Too bad you couldn't get him. You gals are all looking gorgeous today.

  6. You all look so sweet as usual. Happy Sunday Selfies!

  7. Was it a rat fink? They're rare.

  8. Every image a delight, especially the earless one, MOL
    Have a great week, and hope you get some bacon too.

  9. rats are good for making ratatouille... and the mama thinks twice now before she eats it again LOL

  10. There were rats in the high school where petcretary went...eons and eons the lamp fixtures, OMD!!

    We have not seen any here, thankfully...but Dalton snagged a mole the other day. YUCK.

    You are such sweeties! And of course the selfies are sweet,too:) Hope yiou got paid in mega treats!

  11. I've never seen a rat on my walkie but I have seen moles before but they are always dead. That's no fun!

  12. We could see and smell lots of critters at camp on the weekend. Didn't catch any either.


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