Monday, September 23, 2019

Music Monday!

Hey pals! Tomorrow are a very speshul day at casa de westie!

It are gonna be our Aunt Ally's birthday, so we are gonna share some of her favorite songs this week. Our kitty siblings did the same thing, but don't worry, ya won't hear any repeats here.   

We luv Ally so much and hope she has a pawsome day and likes hearing these songs!

Ally luvs George Strait. Momma says the happiest she's ever seen Allison wuz when they went to the Bastrop Fire Relief concert in Austin and saw George Strait. I wonder if Ally looked as happy as I look when I get some steak.

Ally also luvs Xtina and luvs this song. And it are a beautiful one. Almost as beautiful as steak.

Ally also luvs P!nk a lot - da mommas went to her concert earlier this year - she wuz amazing! And this song will always make momma think of Ally. 

Green Day are my momma's favorite band and this song is one of Ally's favorites. 

And da mommas both luv Bowling For Soup - this funny song always cracks Ally up. Hope ya liked hearing some of Ally's favorites. Happy birthday Aunt Ally, we luv you! And we'd luv to share in your birthday steak . . .  


  1. we love Pink too! and we will never forget her wonderful pawformance fo da super bowl... even with a cold she was super ameowsing!

  2. My mom loves everything that George Strait sings. You got that birthday cake baking in the oven, right girls?!

  3. Kinley,

    Happy Birthday to Auntie Ally!! You did a great job with her birthday tribute through song. You had me chair boogieing. All of your mewsicians I'm familiar with and while I've heard of Bowling For Soup I don't know their mewsic very well. It's great having you on the 4M dance floor this week, my little furriend. Have a pAwesome day! ;)

  4. Happy Birthday to your Auntie Ally. You sure kept us entertained with all that music today.

  5. Happy Birthday Ally!
    Gail enjoyed the Pink song too. But we were disappointed to find the Bowling for Soup song video was 'not
    available in your country'.
    Toodle pip!

  6. Hmmmmmmmm, great songs but not as good as steak in our opinion. However, listening to the music WHILE eating steak would be fantastic. Hope Ally has a great birthday celebration.

  7. OMD, all the music is FABulous! Some of Ma's favorite artists! Pink is Ma's all time favs, butts Green Day is pawsome too!
    Ruby ♥

  8. Belated birthday greetings to Auntie Ally as I enjoy some of her birthday tunes, especially the songs by Bowling for Soup, Pink and (best of all) Green Day. They all rocked!

  9. Happy belated Birthday to Auntie Ally! She has great taste in music - I loved them all. Bowling For Soup I'd not heard of before - the video cracked me up! :) Hope you're having a marvelous weekend!


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