Thursday, May 21, 2020

Drive-By Concert

Hi pals!

Well, last nite we had a lil bit (ok, a very lil bit) of excitement on our street. 

It's good to finally have something interesting happen. Well, other dan da po-po showin up to arrest da naybor a couple houses down . . .  

We had our very own drive-by concert!

We were comin home from da walk when da naybors across da street (who are not busy getting arrested by da way) told us about it. 

So we sat out in da yard wif da mommas and waited for da pawty.  

Ok, da two of us thought sitting in the front yard wuz a pawty all by itself. 

But den da drive-by concert happened!

Da musician wuz a former American Idol contestant - momma said he had a pretty good voice.

We liked getting to hear da music.

Brinley had a different opinion about da people who dared walk by OUR house. Speshully the ones wif dogs and on bikes.

Anyways, it wuz fun to have a lil but of live music. Speshully for da mommas who has really had da sads since a concert they'd been looking forward to for months has been postponed. 

And I'm pretty shure the singer thought we were cute!

Today though - we all got our weekly baffs. Momma said we had to be nice and clean for Finley's birthday tomorrow. 

At least I got in some tennis ball time.


  1. that is sucha fabulous idea!!! and we love that the people are a little closer to each others now, even with da distance rule!!!

  2. Hey, how cool was that! Kind of like a variation on a parade!

    1. Yeah, apparently our nayborhood "won" one. Somehow.

  3. A drive by concert? We think that counts as VERY exciting! And Gail says the singer looks cute too...
    Toodle pip!

  4. The drive-by concert was a great idea and what fun!

    1. Yeah, and just to think, me and Brinley were just excited about sitting in the front yard!

  5. Well, you all sure got a special musical treat!

  6. Arrest a neighbor? It couldn't have been a Texas Ranger. Their season hasn't started.

    1. But the Rangers are gonna go into June undefeated.

  7. What a fun event for your neighborhood. Too bad you had those baths.

  8. got to sit in the front yard?? AND listen to music?
    How fun!!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  9. That looks cool. I hope the driver doesn't stop short and the performer breaks his neck.


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