Sunday, May 3, 2020

Spacey Sunday Selfies

It's Sunday selfie time!

We had a pretty good Sunday - even if we didn't get dat BBQed chikken. 

We did get our homemade dog food right after.

Today we wore our new astronaut dresses. Which momma says are appropriate cuz I'm a lil spacey.

Yeah, she THINKS she are funny.

As ya can see, dere's lil retro spaceships on there.

Grandma even MADE speshul buttons to match.

Blast off!!


  1. Your dresses are great! My Gramma used to make buttons sometimes for clothes she made for herself. That is something most can't do anymore.

  2. Those dresses are cool. But what, no BBQ'd chicken?
    Toodle pip!

  3. You all are looking great and those dresses are so cute.

  4. Spacey? Right up my alley. I want to join the new Space Force, go to the Space Acadamy and become an official Space Cadet.

  5. Grandma is very talented with the buttons! We hope you had a bit of chicken in your homemade food....just sayin'.

  6. Love how your Grandma made those buttons with matching images from the dresses. Our Oma did that a lot, she sewed all her own clothes...even a coat or two.and no petcretary does NOT have that talent, BOL!

    Five Four Three Two ONE! Ignition! Blast Off!

    1. She made covered buttons wif da fabric. She's really good at sewing!

    2. I got my Mom's sewing basket, and there were some kits in there to make buttons with your own fabric...but you need a hammer to lock the backing to the front to hold the fabric in place. Are they still made that way?


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