Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Hi pals! Well, we're dressed for a Memorial Day cookout. But given da Maysoon, uhhh, it are gonna be a Memorial Day takeout instead. But at least we'll be able to beg some of da mommas' food like always.

Brinley went for a smiley selfie today. And I photobombed. 

We had a pretty good day, even if it wuz kinda rainy. Bacon in da morning, a lick of ice cream tonite, a walk for me and Brinley, and lotsa snuggles for everyone!


  1. a day what starts with bacon and what ends with ice cream is da best day ever ;O)

  2. Oh, YUMMY indeed!

    And snuggles on a rainy day are the best. It was 85F here, but humid too. Petcretary was drenched in sweat when she was at her work...someone needs to turn on the AC least she's off tomorrow...hope the weather cools a wee bit and the humidity goes down.

  3. Join the club! Our weekend is a complete wash out around here. Bummer, but good for naps.

  4. You look so cute in those dresses. Any day with bacon is a good day in our books.

  5. If you get some delicious yum yums, it's a good day even if it's raining.


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