Friday, May 1, 2020

May Flowers!

Happy Friday!

It wuz super windy today, so no bike ride. But me and Brinley got to spend some time hanging out in da backyard and we got a walk.

Finley is still doing great - she's moving around the yard so good now! We're all really happy she's recovered from her hip procedure so well. 

Y'all remember how we had an April showers dress wif umbrellas?? 

Well, the reverse side are all about May flowers!

There's even flower buttons!

We thought it wuz da perfect dress for Flower Friday.

We still have some irises blooming. 

And the daylilies are starting.

We even have a couple of hibiskits!

Grandma loves this iris.

Nuffin like some May flowers!

Happy May!


  1. Your dresses are so beauteous, just like the pretty white flowers inside of them:)

    Yes, showers and flowers go well together.

    1. Gotta say, we like da flowers better dan da showers.

  2. Your dresses are so pretty and so are your flowers!

  3. We have lots of iris growing in our yard. But it will be at least another month before they bloom. We enjoyed seeing your pretty flowers. Oh and cute dresses too.

  4. You and your garden look great today. We love the flower dresses and your flowers are so beautiful.

  5. Pretty flowers on your dress and in the yard.

  6. Yay for hibiskits!!! Beautiful flowers, and gawgess flower dresses!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty


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