Friday, May 8, 2020

Flower Friday

Hi pals!

Well, we has been doing ok around here. Everyone here are healthy, well maybe not MY momma's mental state, but uhh, we're all healthy. 

Finley's doing better and better all the time - now she's running around the yard some when she goes out to do her bizness.

Anyways, we has been havin a pretty good time and gettin lotsa cuddles.

It's been windy da last few days, so no bike ride for me. But at least we got our walks in.

Now it's time for the flowers!

We've got lotsa daylilies blooming now.

There's so many different colors.

Some of them have dis really cool bullseye design.

Iris season are almost over, but we had one last white one bloom in the Whitley garden. 

Have a good weekend pals!


  1. Good that you are all well,and hooray for Finley trying to run again:)
    Lovely day lilies,and that iris is very pretty!

    We can't even begin to think of day lilies...we are supposed to get down to 25F tonight...right now its already 31. Brrr...Something or someone has got things rather mixed up.

  2. Your irises are so splendiferous!
    But gosh I wish Gail didn't ride her bicycle when it was windy. She would never go out and abandon me then, given how much wind we have here in Scotland!

    1. Since momma rides wif me in da basket, she says anything over 20 mph are too much.

  3. You all have such pretty flowers. Our daylilies are coming up but are weeks away from blooming.

  4. You are so cute Kinley, I'm glad Brinley is getting better. Beautiful flowers!

  5. What a gorgeous white Iris...we are sure Whitley had something to do with that beautimous bloom!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty


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