Saturday, October 3, 2020

Back to Barkin'

So it feels like it has been FUREVER since we got to bark at ya!

We is so glad to be back to barkin'!

Of course in real life, we never let up. BOL BOL, just ask da humans when they is tryin to sleep, or watch TV. 

Yeah, all dat barkin can wear a pup out!

Anyways, da momma wuz havin some isshoes wif her computer - nuffin major, just trying to transfer over 200 GB of photos to an external hard drive and it took a while. And since she only has one USB port, she couldn't put new photos on.  

But somehow she still found time to bathe us . . .  

Yeah, it just duzn't seem right, duz it Finley?

Anyways, we has been keeping busy going on walks and patrollin da backyard.

Yesterday I kept my momma company while she did her Howloween decoratin. I helped by standin right in her path while she wuz carryin boxes.

Yes, I WUZ helpin Finley!

Anyways, da bedroom looks like Howloweentown now.

Good thing I ain't fraid of no ghost.


  1. It's good to hear you are all doing well. Sorry about the bath though. We bet you are doing a great job keeping all the spooky things away from your family.

  2. Get yourself a usb hub-they're cheep (bird spelling). Plug it into the one usb slot on your computer and now you have four open usb slots on the other end.

    1. Yeah, momma had one a long time ago. She needs to find it!

  3. Good to see you're back to barking on your blog!

  4. I think it should be a rule that humans can't give you a baff if they aren't letting you blog!


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