Friday, August 5, 2022

Flower Friday

Hi pals! Well, we had a fun day today.


It started off wif a morning walk and we got to woof da pup next door.

And dis afternoon we got to go out and play in da backyard and in our kiddie pool!

Since we are in da middle of da hots, da flowers are not what they were but there still are some blooming here in Plano.

Like dis daylily.

Or dis hibiscus out front.

Here are another daylily.

And a pretty bright orange tropical hibiscus!


  1. Hibiscus and day lilies seem to enjoy heat waves! Our day-lilies are totally done blooming.
    We got to snoopervise the lawn mowing chores and we barked at all the motorbikes and big trucks careening down our road. We think they are avoiding a construction project on the highway behind our home.

  2. You sure have lots of pretty flowers in your yard.

  3. Such beautiful flowers...Those Hibiscus are Mama's favorite, but I like the daylilies!


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