Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sunday Selfie


It are Sunday, so it are selfie time. I are still missing Brinley on my walks, but me and momma has been having some fun - I are getting walks and bike rides everyday, along wif a lotta snuggles. Classes start in a week, so momma has been trying to get ready, along wif applying for jobs for next year.  

Me and Travis say she needs to win da lottery or find a billionaire to marry, but so far no winning lottery tickets or handsome billionaires have appeared. BOL!


  1. we hope your mamam will win in da lottery... all paws are crossed...

  2. First win the lottery and then she might be surprised at how many 'eligibles' begin to court her!! BOL, BOL!

  3. Kinley, you are lucky that your momma still finds time for bike rides and walkies with you despite not yet having won the lottery or bagged a billionaire.
    PS We gather that Rupert Murdoch, billionaire age 91, will soon be available. Admittedly his is not handsome...

    1. BOL! Momma also won't date right wingers. So, uhh, it's Friday nights at home wif me and Travis!

  4. Winning the lottery would be nice! But I know I could never be so lucky. Fortunately retirement is in my near future, and Chester can have both me and Dad home to wait on him 24/7!

    Have fun and keep cool, Kinley!

  5. Imagine the great kibble you will get when you mom wins the lottery

  6. More comments eaten up...phooey! They appear and then they're gone...


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