Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Hi pals!

So we ackshaully had some snow yesterday!

But it didn't stick to da ground becuz it had been 70 da day before. Finley wuz glad - she duz not like da cold!  

Brinley got all brushed for her selfie today - whether she liked it or not, BOL!

Finley's blood results came back from da vet - her white blood cell count wuz a lil high, but other than that, she's doing pretty good.

Momma said if Brinley had to get brushed, I did too. Sigh . . . 

It duz make for a cute double selfie though!


  1. You look so cute. We are glad the blood test had no reason for concern. Snow that melts is the best kind of snow.

  2. We had snow, too...but we had way more ice than snow, actually it was little icy bits, that look like snow but it is not soft at all...a lot will melt over the next couple of days as it will be in the upper 30's to mid 40's again. Before all that we had 2 - 3 inches of rain, so we were under both a flood warning and a winter storm warning. Sheesh, we have strange winter weather.

    Did you do zoomies in the snow you had??

    You are looking SO cute, all brushed and all, but you know you are always cuter than cute!

  3. You gots snow??!!! I am all green with the envy gurls!!! Though, nothin' to complain abouts with the weather here....nice and cool, with some rain, butts not enough to cause too much wet ground.
    I am so happy you are a-okays Finley!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Brush one, brush all. That's what you call democracy!!

  5. You gals always put a smile on our face, be it rain snow or shine; though I'm with Finley re the cold – brrrrr. Excellent well groomed selfies, and great news about Finley's results.

  6. oh how great that the vet had good news for you... and we hope that blood cells will be back to normal too, so efurrything is mighty fine...

  7. We got some fresh snow overnight and it is staying around which makes us happy :) Have a fun week.

  8. Why do you have to do what Brinley does?

  9. You girls are all so cute. We love that double selfie at the end.

  10. Wow! Snow in Texas?

    We're glad Finley is doing well.


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