Friday, January 3, 2020

Fashion Friday

Hi pals!

So far 2020 has gotten off to a pretty good start. We've gotten walks (and snacks) everyday! And no baffs!

Ok, Finley had a baff last nite. But she has bad allergies and needs a baff twice a week. 

Today Finley went to the vet. Nuffin to worry about, just her semi-annual checkup. She weighed 15 pounds, so she's lost a lil bit of weight. The vet said her heart and lungs sounded good (she has a congenital heart murmur so da momma's worry about her heart). She got some glucosamine treats for the lil bit of arthritis we think she has, but all in all, it wuz a pretty good checkup.

Da two of us just stayed at home.

Today all THREE of us wore matching jackets.

Matching WESTIE jackets.

We got these for Christmas.

There's even lil westie buttons!

And look, really westie hair on it. Just like every other dark piece of clothing in this house. BOL!


  1. The best thing is that the checkup was good.

    1. Yup. We are waiting on her blood test results, but it wuz good news about her heart.

  2. Oh, yes, we know about those decorations from the furry ones, too! Benji sheds SO much...its like a cloud around that lil dude in Peanuts:) And of course kitty fur is always pleasant when it becomes a condiment...hah!

    Those are sweet jackets!

    Glad Finley is doing well!

    1. BOL, yeah, wif six of us, there's a LOT of fur around.

  3. We are happy to hear that Finley's check-up went well. Your Westie jackets look so pretty on you. The black makes your white furs look even whiter.

  4. You are all fashionistas from the tip of your nose to the tip of your waggy tails. Finley glad to hear your check up went well
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. It's good to hear Finley is doing so well. You all are so cute in your matching outfits.

  6. We're glad Finley's doing well. Those dresses look very elegant!

  7. The jacket look awesome. We are thrilled Finley had a good checkup.


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