Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Sending Luv to Australia

Hey pals. It are so sad what are happening Down Under, and we wanted to let our pals in Australia know we are thinking bout dem.

Brinley (da pee-marker extraordinaire) said dat maybe we could head down there and help put out da fires. Momma said she didn't think doing 10 pees on one hour-long walk wuz really gonna help out.

I are wearing my aboriginal art dress in solidarity wif y'all.

Again, it are not gonna really help, but we are thinkin bout y'all and your beautiful country and hoping for rain for you.

And hoping for steaks for us. Hey, we're pups, ya can't blame us!

In news a lil closer to home, da mommas are taking down Christmas. Which takes days. Today it wuz da outside decorayshuns.

Can you believe they were outside for hours and we didn't get to come out to snoopervise??? Dat's cruel and unusual punishment!

At least we'll get to snoopervise the undoing of the tree,


  1. We too are thinking about our friends in Australia, having to deal with such disastrous bush fires. It must be so scary. And think of all the wild animals, not just those killed in the fires but the ones who survived and now have no food, or trees for shelter.
    But Kinley, I must say you do look particularly lovely in your Aboriginal art dress.
    Toodle pip!

  2. we wish we could help too ...the pictures in tv are so horrible, the mama cried as she saw the horrible news....

  3. Such devastation:(

    We send our thoughts and hopeful wishes there too.
    Those are pretty dresses!

  4. Hari OM
    Thank you Kinley, et al... it truly is like an apocalypse down there. Luckily everyone I know has been safe so far... but no one is untouched, cuz that smoke is evils. Let's all do a rain dance... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. You're right. To help Australia, you need to go there and be on the fire line and then pee.

  6. They probably got all those decorations tangled and stuff without your supervision. Thanks for thinking of Oz. We live where there aren't any fires, so we're lucky and just donated to animal rescue.

  7. We are very sad for all the fires going on Down Under. We're hoping for some rain to help put them out!

  8. Very pretty dress. Our decorations came down over a week ago. Mom doesn't like them anymore after Christmas is over.

  9. We're very sad to see what is happening in Australia. We wish we could help some way too.

  10. Oh gurls, we too are keepin' them in our thoughts every single day! We here in CA knows what they are going through, and the terrible situation they and all the anipals find themselves in. I am keepin' my paws crossed real tight for all of Australia and the wonderful people and animals.
    Your dresses are most beautiful, and I am sure they are grateful for you offer to pee on the fires....
    Ruby ♥


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