Saturday, January 4, 2020

A Kitty Named Bob

Hi pals! Today on my bike ride, me and momma saw a kitty named Bob! He wuz da biggest kitty I has ever seen and he looked a lil different than my kitty siblings. Momma tried to get a picture of him, but he hopped over a fence before she could.

No Finley, I are shure I know what I are talking bout. Momma said his name wuz Bob. He did look kinda wild though. Maybe dat are why da local high school are called da wildcats! They musta named the team after Bob! 

Brinley didn't get to see Bob, but she wuz busy recovering from what she saw on TV earlier.

Da mommas saw this documentary on creative groomers. Well Groomed on HBO in case you're interested. I think Brinley wuz traumatized - she usually likes to watch TV, but she just buried her head. She are not a fan of any grooming and I think she are worried her furs are gonna get turned into a canvas. BOL! 

Don't worry, I are pretty shure da mommas like us white and looking like westies. It wuz an interesting documentary and some of the groomers are definitely talented. It's worth a google search if ya don't know what I'm barking about. As long as the pups are happy, I guess it are ok. Putting up wif that much grooming would not be for us though - we barely tolerate the grooming we get. 

I'm glad momma keeps her creativity channeled into dresses and jackets. BOL! Today's is a scottie jacket. Complete wif scottie buttons.



  1. Is there some internet filter you can get that blocks 'creative grooming' videos'''?
    Just wondering.
    Toodle pip!

  2. Creative grooming isn't for us either!
    That Bob dude or dudette, must have been a wee bit scary to see! Out in the open and in broad daylight?OMD!!

  3. We barely like getting our nails clipped let alone some sort of fancy grooming. Too bad your mom didn't get a picture of Bob the cat.

  4. Yeah, we think some groomers go too crazy with their job. I saw a poodle once, that looked like every Muppet character on Sesame Street! I'm sure that doggie couldn't wait to find a big mud puddle to roll in!

    My ghostwriter has seen lots of different animals when she drives home from work at night. But she's never seen a bobcat!

  5. It makes me thankful that I don't get groomed.

  6. We saw the groomed show. Wow, humans are crazy aren't they.

  7. hay ewe dawgs !!! bob catz bee de best !!! we iz sir prized tho bob bee a visitin..bob can bee kinda shie round peepulz....we hope him made it bak home safe N oh kay ~~~

    anda happee 2020 two ewe all :) ♥♥☺☺


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