Friday, January 31, 2020

Fashion Friday

Hi pals!

Well, we've been having a fun couple of days.

We got walkies in today and yesterday! 

And we also got to wear the new dresses my momma made.

They're winter-themed.

This side has aspen trees.

Here's a closeup.

So we've wuz stylin!

The other side are winter-themed too.

There's a whole winter scene on it.

Not that we've ever seen anything like dat here, BOL!

And deers!!

It's been years since we got to bark deers.

Here's a closeup - there's snowflake buttons on this side too.

Today on the bike ride, me and momma saw Travis' cuzzin Bob again. And this time Bob let us get a  photo. It's not da best becuz it wuz on her ancient iPhone, but we thought you might like to see Bob.

He wuz a pretty chill dude and momma really liked seeing him. I don't think I could get away wif chasin dat kitty!

Have a pawsome weekend!


  1. Bob had best keep clear of you pups...though we don't think your Momma's would allow you to chase him...we think maybe his claws are huge and dagger-like!

  2. Your winter dress is stunning Kinley. The side with the aspen trees is especially lovely.
    Toodle pip!

  3. Love your new winter dresses! Happy Saturday!

  4. You have the cutest dresses. We love both sides. It's interesting that you got to see Bob on your bike ride. He looks bigger than you so we don't recommend trying to chase him.

    1. Yeah, momma says I wouldn't want to mess wif dat kitty!

  5. Finley looks exceptionally happy,

    1. She wuz VERY happy today - guess she wuz really looking forward to dat cookie.

  6. We like Bob...we'd love to bark at him...and maybe chase him--until we got up closer and saw his size!

  7. You ladies look extra fashionable today! We like the print with the birch trees in winter. You were very luck to actually get a picture of a bobcat. Wow! Hope he stays out of trouble.

  8. Oh, those dresses are too pretty! Your Mom is one talented woman. Have fun and stay cute as always!


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