Saturday, October 1, 2022

Caturday Art


Hi pals! Well, today I helped momma do some Howloween decorating - she even got my blog decorated!

She also did her last (well, so far it are her last) screening interview. I didn't get to make any guest appearances in her zooms, even though I are pretty shure I woulda gotten her da job. Maybe she's saving me for if her dream schools interview her. 

Anyways, my momma did a westie drawing earlier dis week dat I'm sharing for today's art.

Arooo, now to go find some snacks!


  1. We sure hope those interviews will help yield good news!

  2. That art is wonderful as always, and makes us smile. Maybe you should just go ahead and phone them schools up and do her interview for her, in advance. Just imagine the surprise she'd have when the letter came through that you'd got the job! :)

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty shure I would definitely get hired.

  3. We don't understand why your mom wouldn't want you helping her with her interviews. Maybe she's waiting until she finds out if they are dog lovers first. Then she will bring you in to seal the deal.

  4. We love that drawing - and We are sure you would be an asset to your Momma at any interview!

  5. Pawsome decorations on your blog. I'm gonna have to have a chat wiff my admin help. Have a grrrrrrreat day. Wags, Ranger


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