Monday, November 28, 2022

On the Road Again


Hey pals. Well, I had a fun few days wif my BFF Brinley.

Getting to lick da turkey platter wuz definitely a highlight of da trip, but we had fun da rest of da weekend too.

In between all da rains, we got to go on a couple of walks and tell da nayborhood dat we are da BOSSES.

Just ask us!

Saturday wuz my momma's birthday. And dere wuz bacon and all kindsa yumminess (even if momma did pick a CHOCOLATE cake, which means I didn't get any).

I gave her lotsa birthday kisses.

Anyways, me and Brinley slept in my momma's bed wif her every night.

It wuz so nice to get to spend some time wif my BFF.

But today, it wuz back in da car so I could go back to Lubbock wif my momma for a few days.

Good thing I are a good traveller!

Keep dat bed warm Brinley,  I'll be back in Plano before ya know it!


  1. So great that you got to see your BFF and had such a fun Thanksgiving/Momma's birthday weekend.
    Hope you had a safe journey back to Lubbock.
    Nobby (who also loves travelling).

    1. It's good I do since I are back in Plano again, BOL!

  2. we are sure you will be with your bff soon...a nd you will rock da whole hood toegther...

  3. Happy belated birthday to your mom. Lady forgets your mom and our big guy share the special day. We hope you had a safe trip. Lee and Phod who prefer to stay home.

  4. It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Happy Birthday to your mom, too!

  5. You two look great together. It's easy to see that you're BFF's.

  6. OH, Dear, I thought I had commented here to tell your Momma to enjoy her Happy Birthday...well, now its Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. It are ok, she'll take birthday wishes whenever, BOL!


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