Tuesday, December 18, 2018

All Kind Tug & Fetch No Squeak Bone Dog Toy from Chewy!

It are tuff to wait for Santa Paws. Speshully when ya is sposed to be good while ya is waitin. Which are why it are a good thing Chewy sent us da All Kind Tug & Fetch No Squeak Bone Dog Toy to keep us busy while we are waitin for da chubby elf to squeeze down da chimney. Uhh, I mean waitin for Mr. Handsome Claus to pay us a visit.

Da da All Kind Tug & Fetch No Squeak Bone Dog Toy comes in two sizes - we picked da small since we is small pups. It are made of durable rubber, nylon and polyester, and reinforced with Oxford piping. So far, it has stood up to da three of us playin wif it, and dat are sayin something.

Finley wishes it had a high-pitched squeaker so she could squeak it in da momma's faces. But momma says it are probably easier for da three of us to make da nice list if we duz not squeak toys in her face, so maybe dis toy will help us out.

We has been enjoyin some games of fetch wif our All Kind Tug & Fetch No Squeak Bone Dog Toy and are givin it three waggin tails and 12 paws up. Dis toy should tide us over until Santa Paws visits And Chewy did pawsome wif dere super-fast shipping and pawsome customer service!

Disclaimer: As a #ChewyInfluencer, we wuz provided All Kind Tug & Fetch No Squeak Bone Dog Toy for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for our opinion.  Wif free toys, who needs payment?


  1. I can help you dissect it to hunt for that missing squeaker! JUst hold it down and then carefully get that piping off of it...my doggy cousin Ediie is real deft at that! He destroyed a so called tuff ting like that in about 5 minutes! He must be related to Chester...Not me, I don't do things like that, do I petcretary...what? Really? Shhhhh, I shred paper into confetti, and books too...and *some* of my stuffies, and not a few doggy beds, BOL!!

  2. the mama said a non squeaking toy is a relief... but we say: bring on the trombones of jericho we love it loud ;O)))

  3. No squeakin' is no fun, I say - but mom says differently!

  4. Looks fun, but bummer it doesn't squeak, that is half the fun.

  5. We agree with the previous comments that we would prefer a toy that makes noise. That does look like the right sized toy for you girls.


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