Monday, December 17, 2018

Monday SELFies

We know we is kinda late wif da selfies dis week.

But da mommas has been crazy busy.

Not too busy to forego da weekly waterboarding of da innoscent terrierists.


But at least dere has been present-making for westies.

And baking.

So I has been hanging in da kitchen A LOT!

Ya never know when my momma are gonna drop something.

But we also has a problem.

Aubrey McTwinkle are back and he are threatening us.

Finley blames us.

She says she never had to deal wif no elf before we showed up.

Da last two years we has gotten him drunk on egg nog so he couldn't report back to Santa.

But he says he's been training to build up his tolerance ALL year!

What are we gonna do??


We are thinking of tryin to blackmail him. He are kind of an evil elf.

And of course we's warned him - snitches get stitches.

And ya best not mess wif Texas bitches.


  1. that#s always da same with da mamas they furget something and have no time for the other things but they always have time for baths and ear cleaning...sigh

  2. Maybe you can slide Aubrey McTwinkle into the oven with the next batch of cookies that needs to get baked!

  3. Sorry about that elf being a pain in the furs. Maybe one of you could destuff the guy.

  4. Elves can be very tricky....
    Have you tried bribery?

  5. Maybe you could try bribing the elf instead of threatening him. Offer to set him up with a pretty girl elf!

  6. It looks like you have gotten lots of good suggestions on how to deal with that elf. You all look so cute in all your Christmas dresses.

  7. Shouldn't it be "Monday Elfies"?

  8. There's still time to send your snarky shelf elf to me for shredding!

  9. Get some compromising pictures of that pesky elf in, well, compromising positions, and all will be well, MOL
    Now those dresses you have on are wonderful, and well worth getting washed up for. I know I would if I didnt already have a nice tux to wear ;)

  10. We know between you and your kittehs that elf is going to be history!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  11. Do you have a key to your peeps' liquor cabinet?? That would be way beyond that rascally elf's tolerance level...

    Or as Chester said, grab him by the toes and give him a shakey-shake...bye-bye A.McT...then you can destuff him so no further elves can resurrect from out of his pockets.


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