Friday, December 14, 2018

Santa Paws

I are confuserated.

If we is sposed to be good for Santa Paws, why is we dressed up like Santa Paws??? 

Finley says we shouldn't worry bout it.

Cuz Santa Paws always gets cookies.

 Ya heard her momma, make wif da cookies.

Now, or we are gonna tell dat ELF to tell Santa ya belong on da naughty list!


  1. Awww, you pups are so cute!

    Thanks for your card, it came today...and petcretary has to admit her USA cards are still in the boxes...BOL! She has only gotten the Europe ones out and some of the Canada ones.

    Who knows when she will be posting the ECard she managed to put together...alas it cannot be printed this year...stupid thieves put that idea to rest...sheesh:(

  2. You look adorable in your Santa hats. I hope you got LOTS of cookies!

  3. You girls are cute Santa helpers. We hope you got lots of cookies for your modeling.

  4. Finley likes you dressed as Santa so you have to give her a wonderful gift.

  5. Just don't ask questions and do as your mom says. It works for us. Very cute dress too!

  6. I think that dressing up like Santa honors him and makes him want to give us more treats!

  7. You both look so adorable. I think maybe you are dressed like Mrs. Santa Paws?? I am sure she gets cookies, too. :)


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