Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sunday Selfies

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

For some reason, momma thought we needed pre-Christmas baffs.

She are really testin our posishuns on da Nice List! 

Today we snoopervised da cookie decoratin.

And begged and begged for cookies.

In good news, it looks like my tummy problems are coming to an end - and not comin out my end at da speed dey wuz!


I know a couple days ago, I showed some photos of Brinley and Crockett posin by da tree. Well, we is not posed so cute, but me and Crockett wuz sharing a chair one night - we all luvs da kittehs here.  

And I wanted to show ya da bestest part of our Christmouse decorayshuns - 3 light up westies and our westie Christmas flag!

Da whole nayborhood are gonna know who lives here!


  1. Aww, what can we say but you all look so white happy and cute. We love your feline and canine selfie, you guys really are so very special and lucky to have each other and your family.
    Festive purrs to you all.
    PS . I do believe baths get extra good points with Santa ;)

  2. Love your Christmas Westies! Merry Christmas Eve, girls!

  3. You sure are shiny clean for Christmas! We don't have to go to the spa until next week, thankfully. I do think our furs need a good cleaning, but Mom doesn't like to give us baths, so we get the spa thing. Hope Santa is good to you all.

  4. Don't worry, with the barking, they know.

  5. You all are so cute. We bet you will get lots of great pressies. Merry Christmas!


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