Thursday, December 20, 2018

Smiling's My Favorite!

I bet me and Brinley could pull Santa's sleigh right to under our tree - where he could unload EVERYTHING!

Even Finley are willin to wear antlers if it means more presents to open. And she can pull - just ask Aunt Ally who are in charge of holding her leash on walks!

I might be dressed like a reindeer, but momma says I remind her of an udder Chrissymouse movie.

Brinley wuz not nearly as eggcited bout da antlers as me.

I wuz so smiley today I even smiled while momma filed my nails!


I are really trying to make Santa Paws happy wif me.

But we are kinda worried. Dat Aubrey McTwinkle has been threatenin to tell about some pup havin stinky accidents in da house. We told him is wuz NotMe, but he are still sayin he are gonna tell!

So we figgered - two can play dat game. And we got some pickshures to blackmail him wif!

We caught him stealing Chrissymouse cookies.

And we has a pawty elf on our paws. Maybe he needs to worry bout rehab and not us.  

And he wants to talk about accidents in da house?? Dis looks like it are ON PURPOSE to me!  

So yeah Mr. McTwinkle, ya just try telling Santa Paws on us. 

So maybe I has good reason to smile after all.


  1. you have da funniest elf ever... the mama laughed like crazy as she saw the input and da output...

  2. We can't help but smile at the load that Aubrey McTwinkle left of your kitchen counter☺
    That elf's got nothin' on you!

  3. McTwinkle needs to go. He is serious trouble.

  4. Big mistake. If she thinks you enjoy nail filing,she'll do it to you as a "treat" for you.

  5. BOL, you've sure got that elf by the curly shoes!

  6. We do not have any pesky elves at our house....which is a very good thing for Winter and Maizie! Those two would be in trouble if we had a snitching sprite in residence!

  7. OMD that elf is out of control!!! BOL! Love your smiles!

  8. There's still time to send that pesky elf to me for shredding! But it looks like you have things under control. Have a happy Christmas!

  9. Looks like you have a lot on that sneaky elf!
    Hazel & Mabel

  10. The picture suggests McTwinkle went potty on the counter.


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