Thursday, December 13, 2018

Da Hostess Wif Da Mostest

Yeah, dat are me. Kinley, da hostess wif da mostest.

Mostest what I is not shure.

But ya see, Finley and Brinley's momma are outta town so I are havin to host da two of den (plus Crockett) in my bedroom at nite. So it wuz 3 westies, 2 kitties, and my momma in da crazy Christmouse room last nite.  

Duz Finley look like she partied too hard wif us??

Well, she better have rested up today cuz we is gonna have anudder pawty tonite!

P.S. We sent off our Secret Santa present today - shure hope da pups who get it like it!


  1. oh to be da host of a pawty is a super job!!!

  2. The real question is, did your mom get any sleep in that room?

  3. Make certain that you have my address correct on the package-SQAAAAAAAAAWK!

  4. Oh boy, sleepovers are fun! I've never hosted one, but I love sleepovers at Auntie's house with all the cousins!

  5. We hope your mom has a big enough bed for all of you to fit. Does she sleep on the floor so you all have enough space? BOL!!!

  6. oh you are having a pajama pawty!!! Love it!! And a 2-nighter too! BOL!

  7. Sounds like my room! The colder the weather, the more collies like to snuggle at night!

  8. You Westies are the pawty queens!
    Hazel & Mabel

  9. Pawty! Pawty! Pawty! We got your Christmas card today. How cute!

    Abby Lab and her Mom and Dad

  10. Looooooove to PAWTY!!!! Can I come overs too??!!
    Ruby ♥

  11. Pawrty??! Sounds like heaps of good fun,,,though sleepless might not be so much... Loud woofs and maybe MIAOWS, too, I bet!


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